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Balloon Drop

Balloon Drop

The Balloon Drop is a long-standing John Stanford International School tradition that started back when the school was still called Latona School. Each student must use his or her imagination and recycled materials from home to create a project that protects a filled water balloon from breaking when it is dropped from the fourth floor balcony.

Balloon Drop Needs Volunteers!

The 4th Floor Balcony is in need of volunteers to drop balloons! Listen to children cheering you on and get a chicken’s-eye view of the action. Or volunteer on the ground and gather the creations on the playground before school or help with clean up during and after the event.

Check out our JSIS Volunteer page page for requirements.

Optional At-Home Project Information

The purpose of this activity is to build school community and to encourage students to think creatively, critically and scientifically as they design their project. This is an optional, at-home project and classroom time is not be available for working on the project.

*Rules for entry 
Parents review this checklist with students before construction begins, then again before student brings project to school.

  1. Name and room number on the project.
  2. One entry per student.
  3. The water balloon sent home with your student must be filled to a minimum diameter of 3 inches (or circumference of 9 inches).
  4. Project size limit – the student must be able to carry the project by themselves to school.
  5. All entries must contain only items that can go directly into the recycling bin. No sorting or separating required
  6. Please use only recycled materials for the construction of the project. Do not buy anything new.
  7. Do not use anything that you would like to have returned.
  8. No wings, parachutes, propellers, Styrofoam, food/food products, cloth (socks, stuffed animals, etc.) or plastics allowed.
  9. Students use their imagination and thinking skills to create projects
  10. Entries should be brought to school the morning of the Balloon Drop and taken directly to the playground. Parent volunteers will be collecting projects at the class lines.
  11. After attendance, all students will reassemble on the playground. Designated adults will drop the projects from the fourth floor balcony. 

Fourth and Fifth Grade Challenge = Entries must have the balloon partially visible!

Volunteering for this Event? Here’s what to do