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Music Class, Choir and Instrumental Programs

John Stanford offers a Music class with information and details below as well as an  Instrumental Programs. The Music class with Ms. Ahmed is part of the curriculum for all grades while Choir and Instrumental programs are extra-curricular.

Music with Ms. Ahmed

Every student at John Stanford receives music instruction twice a week. In Music class, students learn games and dances for fun and enjoyment of music, in addition to a variety of songs from cultures throughout the world. Students also learn to read from musical notation, and put their skills to use on instruments in the classroom. My goal is for them to love making music and to feel comfortable participating in songs and dances from any culture and in any language.

We follow the curriculum map created by Seattle Public Schools for Elementary General Music. Students in all grades are assessed throughout the year on their knowledge and performance of grade-level musical concepts, including rhythm, melody, and expression. Fifth graders and Second graders also take the Seattle Public Schools Arts Cornerstone Assessment for General Music. International Education is a large part of our learning in Music. Each year, we host an artist-in-residence in music, who teaches songs or instrumental pieces from the continent featured in our International Arts Program for the year.

Dances and active games are an important part of music. Students should come to class in clothes and shoes in which they can move and play safely and in comfort.