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Physical Education

Physical Education with Ms. Hultman

The Physical Education (PE) Program at John Stanford International School is activity-based and introduces your child to movement activities and motor skills in a variety of individual, lifetime, and team sports.  The goal is for students to love to move, have fun, and learn skills & knowledge to lead an active life. We practice good sportsmanship and work cooperatively, so everyone can learn.

Safety is an important part of every PE class, and the students should wear appropriate shoes (no cowboy boots, flip flops, party shoes, etc). They should also wear clothes they can easily move in, since they will be moving during every class.

Students in the third through fifth grades are assessed on their fitness at least twice a year. Students collect data from a variety of fitness tests, set goals for improvement, and reflect on areas of strength and growth. The fifth graders also take the written Elementary Concepts of Health and Fitness Assessment.

International Education is a major focus at our school and in PE.  In the spring we feature an artist-in-residence dancer. The dancer “guest teaches” classes, and we learn dances from the continent featured for the year in our International Arts Program.

In June we have Field Day. This is an in-school opportunity for students to have fun with friends and classmates while participating in a wide variety of physical activities. Parents are encouraged to volunteer during field day – both to help make this event possible for students and to participate in activities alongside their child!