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Hosting An Intern

About our Interns

Our interns play an important part of the immersion program at JSIS.  They are college students or recent graduates from Japan and Spanish speaking countries that assist our teachers in the classroom as models of language and culture.  Interns work with individual students and small groups who need additional support or more challenge with classroom content and language development.  Additionally, they provide additional opportunities for students to engage with native speakers of either Spanish and Japanese.

How can you support this program?


Every year we need multiple families to host each intern.  Host families have an amazing opportunity to share their home and culture with the intern while also having a native Spanish or Japanese speaker living in their home sharing their language and culture.

Host families host interns for about 3 months at a time and provide room and board (a private bedroom, shared bathroom and meals). Families are not required to cover any additional expenses (interns receive a monthly stipend for expenses, lunch and transportation as well as bring their own money).  Host families also do their best to provide care, moral support and basic needs to an intern as if he or she were a member of the family.

What previous families have said about hosting:

“Being a host is actually easier than it seems!”

“We loved learning more about the interns' culture and home life in comparison to ours. We enjoyed sharing family meals with them, introducing them to our family life and friends and having them feel as part of our family. Hearing the kids speak to them in Japanese was also pretty amazing!” 

“Having an intern was great.  We got to know her and the other interns/JSIS staff a little better.  Having her feel at home in our house and with our meals.  She was very clean, neat and respectful of our house and space.”

For more information about hosting:

Host Family FAQ    

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JSIS intern placement status (as of 7/7/2018)
Fall session Winter session Spring session
Japanese Intern 1 X  X X
Japanese Intern 2 X  X X
Japanese Intern 3  X  X  X
Japanese Intern 4  X  X  X
Spanish Intern 1  X  X
Spanish Intern 2  X  X  X
Spanish Intern 3  X  X
Spanish Intern 4  X  X  
Spanish Intern 5      X