John Stanford International Elementary

John Stanford International
Building Leadership Team (BLT)

October 2022

Function of BLT

The primary functions of the JSIS-BLT are to promote and facilitate the collaborative decision making process which affects academic achievement. All decisions will be made in accordance with the Decision Making Matrix. The JSIS-BLT serves as one of the governing bodies of JSIS, with responsibilities for leadership, advocacy, financial stewardship, and strategic planning to assure the highest standards of educational excellence and an inclusive, supportive school community.

Objectives of the BLT

The BLT is to oversee the facilitation and development of:

  • The Continuous Improvement Plan (C-SIP).  This also includes the school’s efforts to ensure equity in discipline, learning and opportunity for all students.
  • Developing a school wide professional development plan that supports the C-SIP.
  • The school’s budget.
  • Creation and yearly review of the Decision Making Matrix (DMM)

In considering matters brought before the JSIS-BLT, the members shall have as their primary focus the best interests of the JSIS students. District policies, collective bargaining and other agreements to which JSIS or the District may be a party will be recognized and observed when formulating plans for JSIS.

Building-wide norms

  • Maintain focus on what is best for students
  • Stay engaged, exhibit active listening
  • Speak your truth
    • Multiple perspectives
    • Constructive communication
    • Collaborative atmosphere
    • Assume positive intent
  • Experience discomfort
    • Seek first to understand
    • Evaluate ideas not individuals
  • Accept/Expect non-closure
  • Timeliness
  • Intent vs Impact

Date: October 13, 2022

Time: 2:45-3:45pm

Members Present: Sarah, Kayla, Kayoko, Harumi, Marianne, Angie, Megan, Sam (PTSA)

Meeting started 2 :50pm

Agenda Item: Introductions

Allocated Time: 10 min

Facilitator: Sarah


Agenda Item: What is BLT, article

Allocated Time: 15 min

Facilitator: Sarah

Notes: BLT is responsible for:

  • C-SIP
  • Professional Development
  • Budget
  • Decision Making Matrix

Read “The Building Leadership Team”

Discussed article:

Owning solutions, productive dialogue, how large the group is/has been, roles

Agenda Item: Items for review:

  • Bylaws
  • Decision Making Matrix
  • Calendar for BLT meetings
  • C-SIP (Continuous School Improvement Plan)
  • Communications plan

Allocated Time: 35 min

Facilitator: Sarah

Notes:  Look at, adjust, approve items in agenda:

  1. Bylaws-discussed, Sarah explained roles, meetings will be on calendar in newsletter
  2. Decision Making Matrix
  3. Calendar for BLT meetings
  4. C-SIP-good for three years, will be adjusted next year, District sets goals for schools
  5. Communication plan-How parent reps will communicate with school community-sent to ENews (comes out every two weeks)

BLT also looks at test score data, but since tests are typically given later in the year, we don’t look at it that much as part of the BLT

Meeting ended at 3:30pm.

Next meeting is November 10th.