John Stanford International Elementary

John Stanford International
Building Leadership Team (BLT)

May 2020

BLT Meeting Agenda & Minutes

BLT Meeting Date: 05/28/2020

Time Keeper:Christy

Recorder: Genna McLaren

Agenda Items

  • C-SIP
  • Overview of New Process
  • C-SIP Draft
  • Develop Recommendations

Members Present

Chika Imanishi (Yr. 1)

Christi Miller

Genna McLaren (Yr. 1, E)

Kathleen Gillespie (Yr.1, Library)

Kathy Jolly

Leslie Ramirez (Yr.1, S)

Rie Zilly (Yr.2, J)

Vivian Song Maritz

Yoko Chiba

Christy Smith

BLT Meeting Minutes


  • The new C-SIP process has been rolled out by the district
  • Teams have been encouraged to use last year’s goals for the new plan, given the pandemic closures and the fact that the goals were not measured or met at this time
  • The C-SIP will be revisited in the fall as well, once we are back in school and have new data points
  • Ms. Jones will likely facilitate the review next fall
  • The C-SIP plan will not include a remote learning plan, this is true for all schools across the district
  • The task is to create a plan as if we are back in school with a traditional setting
  • Any suggestions from the BLT around remote learning will be gathered and reviewed at the end of this meeting
  • We anticipate that consistency across all schools for remote learning
  • The new C-SIP is written for a 3 year cycle, but will be revisited in the fall
  • SBA data will be data from 2018-2019 because students won’t have data from 2019-20
  • Sarah continues to be a part of this document and will have her eyes on it for next year, including a staff support plan + PD plan + school wide assessment plan

BLT and Teacher Representation:

  • We will review the parent representation plan based on terms
  • No decisions will be made until adequate parent representation has been decided
  • This will be the same for CLT’s (who follow the C-SIP)
  • Thank you to everyone for your service this year

Action Items & New Agenda Items

  • Double check the data dates
  • Add new data into the document
  • Under “Safe and Welcoming Goals” section, please update that survey data listed at 2017-2018 can be updated with 2018-2019 or more recent data
  • Kathleen shared that on 5/29 the RET meeting they will discuss the possibility of a staff survey, but she suggested the district will likely be putting out a survey in the fall (data could be potentially used in the CSIP)
  • Updated statement from RET to be added to CSIP with list of activities and community events from 2019-20 school year
  • Climate Goal for Inclusive and Authentic Engagement currently not listed in the CSIP — Kathleen suggested that we use JSIS survey data from the fall and not the district’s data
  • Revisit commitment to Biliteracy — where does it have a place in our CSIP?
  • Kathleen suggests we connect with Thad for support and advocacy in including immersion / biliteracy education in the CSIP