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    JSIS 2018 move-a-thon

    JSIS 2018 Move-A-Thon


    Powered by FundRazr

    How to Donate or Return the Pledge Funds?

    There are a number of options to choose from to send in your pledge funds.

    Note: You can donate before the event, at the event , or after the event up to October 8th, 2018.


    This year we will use FundRazR to collect our Move-a-Thon contributions. Please click on the following link to donate:

    The following options are also available:

    Cash Or Check

    Send in your cash or check, along with the pledge sheet, through any of these methods:

    • Drop it in the "Move-a-Thon" bin on the day of the event or in the mail room (after the event).
    • Send it with your child’s homework (make sure it is in an envelope labeled "Move-a-Thon").


    On the day of the event we will have Square available to accept credit cards.

    PayPal Donate

    You also have the option of paying via PayPal. Simply click on the button below, enter the donation amount and the name & grade of the student to ensure that the funds are credited to the correct student / class (for prizes).   

    Example: John Smith 1st grade

    Example for Multiple Students: John Smith 1st grade and Maria Smith 5th grade

    1. Click the button below to donate. 
      Note: that PayPal deducts a 2.5% service charge
      Donate button

    2. Enter Donation Amount:
      donation amount

    3. Click on Donate with PayPal or Donate with a Debit or Credit Card.
    4. Enter the name of the student(s) and their grade.
      enter student name
      enter the names

    5. Select Payment Method, Review and complete the donation. 


    Help your children find sponsors!

    • Email friends and family, tell them about our event and ask for their support!
    • Ask local and non-local grandparents and family members – through the use of PayPal they can support your child long-distance!
    • Visit neighbors who know and love your children.
    • Ask your employer if they will be willing to match donations collected by your child or your child’s class

    Gift Matching

    Make sure to ask your child's sponsors if their employer will match your gift. If they will please identify this on the pledge form.