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    Donating Made Easy!

    ​The PTSA plays a critical role in the experiences and opportunities your child will have while a student at John Stanford International School.  The PTSA only works, however, if it is funded, and that funding comes from you the parent.

    To make things easy, there are a number of options to choose from to send in your pledge funds.

    Cash Or Check

    Send in your cash or check, along with the pledge sheet, through any of these methods:

    Drop it in the "Move-a-Thon" bin in the mail room (after the event)
    or Send it with your child’s homework (make sure it is in an envelope labeled "Move-a-Thon")

    Mail or Drop off:

    John Thoni
    4315 Corliss Ave N
    Seattle, WA 98103

    PayPal Donate

    You also have the option of paying via PayPal.  Simply click on the button at the bottom of this page.To ensure that the funds are credited to the correct student / class (for prizes), please note this link on the payment confirmation page (i.e. it won't be on the first screen where you fill out your CC info):

    Click the text to expand, and enter the student name(s):

    enter the student's name

    enter student's name

    This option will be after the "Review Donation and Continue" button

    Review Donation and Continue

    Look for it on the page with the "Donate $xxx USD Now" button.

    Donate Dollar amount

    Click the button below to donate.

    (Note that PayPal deducts a 3.5% service charge)



    What is the Move-a-Thon?

    The Move-A-Thon is both a celebration of motion and an old-fashioned fundraiser for the PTA. Kids get pledges from friends, family and neighbors based on either a flat amount, or the distance they anticipate traveling. Then they bring their bikes, or scooters, or roller skates, or just their feet down to the Burke-Gilman Trail (between Bagley and Latona Ave NE) and MOVE! Participants will receive their "Trail Card" to document the distance they travel. They will also receive their Move-A-Thon T-shirt when they sign in. What time to start, how long to stay, and how far to travel is up to you and them. Adults supervise the event for safety.

    When is it?

    Sunday, October 8th, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  People are encouraged to show up for as much or as little of that as they want.  It is amazing how far the kids can “move” in even a half hour!

    Where is it?


    How does it work?

    On Sunday, October 8th, we will make a 1/2 mile section of the Burke-Gilman trail (between Meridian and Latona) an extension of the JSIS playground.  Students will then "move" back and forth on the trail by bike, scooter, or foot (we have even had pogo sticks and unicycles), getting their trail card marked at each end.  They will then collect sponsor pledges (either per/mile or flat amount) and turn them in the following week using this pledge form.

    Are there prizes?

    • Each student participating, and each volunteer, will get a Move-a-Thon t-shirt
    • The class that raises the most funds and the class that has the highest participation (as a percent of their class size) each get a pizza party
    • We will (later when the awards are announced) draw the name of one participant who will win a new bike donated by our friends at Diamond Back.

    How can I help

    Volunteer sign-up at

    Why is this important?

    This is the main fundraiser for the PTA which accounts for more than half of its entire budget for the year. The PTA then uses this money for a wide variety of activities and needs that would otherwise go unmet, including:

    • art supplies
    • ceramics
    • dance/music residency
    • performances
    • poetry
    • visual arts program
    • science fair
    • La Fiesta
    • Japan night
    • immersion trip scholarships
    • staff appreciation
    • teacher stipends
    • donations to our school library
    • PE equipment
    • and more!

    kids riding bikes

    The Move-a-Thon is also the first opportunity for the entire JSIS community to get together, and also serves as a great introduction to our new families. 

    Can't Attend?

    We'd love to see you on the trail but we know that isn't possible for everyone. Pledge forms will include an opportunity for you to still "participate" by doing your own “My Move-a-Thon,” or by making a donation directly to the PTA. Please consider donating to support the many AMAZING programs at JSIS!

    2016 PTA Move-A-Thon Results

    • Grossed more than $26,000!
    • Most Funds Raised: Rie Sensei’s 2nd Japanese (pizza party)
    • Highest participation:  Ms Margreet’s 4th Spanish (pizza party)