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     CSIP (Continuous School Improvement Plan):

    Free/reduced lunch student mix -

    A school wide gap closing goal. Ours will likely address our students who scored below average on two tests: 9 minority students and 11 students not meeting ELA targets: 20 students total. Goal will likely be to reduce this 50% (to 10 students)  Individual grade level goals (one per grade)

    School climate goal 

     Two other goals that need clarity (Sarah to request from district) o Sarah will email draft plan to BLT members in next month for review/feedbackDue to district 11/15 

     Student Feedback Survey:  Most of the metrics went down unfortunately o Sarah and staff will develop strategies to address some of the large themes in the survey results o Other possible contributing factors: 

     Time of year: survey was conducted at the end of the school year when students are fatigued 

     Survey context: how are teachers positioning the survey to the students?  BLT parent requested results be disseminated to JSIS parent community. Sarah will include results in next principal newsletter BLT parent asked if it would be helpful to evaluate results through the Second Step criteria 

     District Immersion/International School Task Force (Notes and information can be found online) o Feedback received from superintendent (recommendations were sent to Dr. Nyland, and he responded with some questions for the task force to consider and get more information about) o Task force members express combination of both their own view and JSIS collective view o Task force members have been asked to list pros and cons of ideas, but many of the ideas were incorrectly slotted under cons o Michelle Aoki met with all the immersion principals o Sarah will consider developing a JSIS staff survey for Michelle Aoki o BLT member recommended caution when developing/writing questions (audience likely has strong feelings on this topic). Will be important to include context. o Jack Schwab is on the Task Force and said he would request clarity on role of principals at upcoming Thu night Task Force meeting
     IAs/Interns:  The school is currently down one IA (Rie sensei’s 2nd/3rd grade classroom – Rie’s IA vacancy was not backfilled). JSIS Japanese teachers told Sarah that BLT decided last year not to backfill any vacated IAs, although BLT parents do not recall this being discussed or decided at any BLT meetings last year.

    This year there are 3 Japanese IA’s, 2.5 Spanish IA’s, 1 Japanese Intern and 3 Spanish Interns. o Regardless, cohesive JSIS IA and intern strategy is needed. Considerations include: What role do IAs play in the classroom? Is their full time status critical or would part time status suffice? How do IA and intern support differ?Are IAs critical to both Japanese and Spanish immersion classrooms?  Why are JSIS families asked to raise money to support a district implemented program? Consistency across district wide immersion schools (current and future schools): many of these schools will not be able to raise the annual $400K that JSIS does (there are currently immersion schools without IAs)  BLT parent requested that Sarah remind JSIS families about the difference between IAs and interns o Sarah will propose a new IA/intern strategy to BLT in the coming weeks/months. New JSIS and MacDonald IA/intern strategies will align. Sarah will conduct research to inform strategy. New strategy is needed before Annual Fund fundraiser, JSIS staffing budget deadlines, and any applicable MacDonald deadlines.  Annual Fund: o AF committee will consider proposing new fundraising timing this year (Feb instead of Mar) to align with JSIS staffing budget deadlines o A reminder that if fundraising is less than $250K, approval is not needed from the school board o The AF Committee will be presented and hopefully ratified at the PTA meeting