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    BLT – November Minutes

    Building-wide norms

    -Maintain focus on what is best for students

    -Stay engaged, exhibit active listening

    -Speak your truth

    -Experience discomfort

    -Accept/Expect non-closure

    -Multiple perspectives

    -Constructive communication

    -Collaborative atmosphere

    -Assume positive intent

    -Seek first to understand

    -Evaluate ideas not individuals


    Function of BLT

    The primary functions of the JSIS-BLT are to promote and facilitate the collaborative decision making process which affects academic achievement. All decisions will be made in accordance with the Decision Making Matrix. The JSIS-BLT serves as one of the governing bodies of JSIS, with responsibilities for leadership, advocacy, financial stewardship, and strategic planning to assure the highest standards of educational excellence and an inclusive, supportive school community.

    Objectives of the BLT

    The BLT is to oversee the facilitation and development of:

    The Continuous Improvement Plan (CSIP). This also includes the school’s efforts to ensure equity in discipline, learning and opportunity for all students.

    Developing a school wide professional development plan that supports the CSIP.

    The school’s budget.

    Creation and yearly review of the Decision Making Matrix (DMM)

    In considering matters brought before the JSIS-BLT, the members shall have as their primary focus the best interests of the JSIS students. District policies, collective bargaining and other agreements to which JSIS or the District may be a party will be recognized and observed when formulating plans for JSIS.

    Date: November 27, 2018

    Time: 2:45-4:30

    Facilitator: Ms Sarah

    Time Keeper: none

    Recorder: Zoila Peña

    Members Present: Sarah, Margreet, Maria, Elisabeth, Rie, Junko, Zoila, Angelica, Aya, Amanda

    Members Absent:


    Zoe Facilla (Assistant Principal), Yuki Sofronas (parent), Dallas Artz (LSA Parent Director), Erika Bigelow, Peggy Hernandez, Genna Robertson Hall, Naho Shioya, Daniela Spreacker, Kelsey Camp, Stacie Youngblood, Shanti Garman, Horomi Sensei, Mr. Micah, Takako Sensei

    Agenda Item: Race & Equity Conversation

    Facilitator: Elisabeth & Aya

    Allocated Time:  All


    The discussion on Race & Equity was led by Elisabeth Brace.  A FAQ document was put together to address all the questions and answers discussed during the meeting.  Please see below.

    Action Items

    To work with PTA plan different training around the year that would help bridge what teachers are working on around race and equity, what kids are learning and what parents can do at home with their kids.

    Next meeting date and agenda items: Dec. 17 at 2:45-4:30; Jan. 22 at 2:45-4:30

    Racial Equity Team at JSIS FAQ

    What is the Racial Equity Team at a district level?

    The Seattle Public Schools (SPS) Department of Equity and Race Relations (DERR), in partnership with the City of Seattle Race and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI) and the Racial Disproportionality in Discipline Committee, Phase III is part of a five-year comprehensive and coherent plan to institutionalize educational and racial equity in our schools as mandated by SPS Ensuring Educational and Racial Equity Policy No. 0030.

    What is the goal of the Racial Equity team?

    The goal of the implementation of Racial Equity Teams is to support a school-led effort to create a strong, sustainable and effective Racial Equity Team to advance racial equity by:

    1. Aligning with District-wide efforts to implement the ”Ensuring Educational and Racial Equity” Policy to eliminate racial disproportionality in graduation and discipline rates,

    2. Building capacity among principal, teachers, staff, and students in transforming school policies and practices,

    3. Strengthening the voices and participation of students, families and community to inform school policies, practices and procedures.

    Where can I find out more about the Racial Equity Team at a district level?

    Who is part of the Racial Equity Team at JSIS?

    The team is composed of teachers, a representative from the district and a parent. Ms. Ahmed and Ms. Kathleen are co-leads.  Takako Sensei, Hiromi Sensei, Mr. Micah, Ms. Sarah and Ms. Elisabeth are also on the team. Ms. Elisabeth is the 2018-2019 JSIS RET and BLT representative.  

    What is the purpose of the Racial Equity Team (RET) at JSIS?

    The RET at JSIS meets 1-2 times a month to plan professional development for staff and work together to develop skills for teachers.  RET also attends training provided by the district throughout the year along with optional training.

    What is the goal of the Racial Equity Team at JSIS?

    RET goal is to work as a team to discuss what racial equity looks like and how the decisions teachers make around content, instruction, behavior, and discipline can institutionalize racial equity.

    Who can I talk to if I have specific questions or suggestions around racial equity?

    If you have a specific question or suggestion, you may contact the co-leads, Ms. Ahmed or Ms. Kathleen   directly or you can bring your questions/suggestion to the monthly BLT meeting or speak to your BLT representative.  Ms. Elisabeth is also part of BLT & RET. To find out who is your BLT class representative, to go:

    What is BLT?

    The Building Leadership Team (BLT) is made up of the principal, teachers, classified staff, and parents from each of the grade bands representing the various stakeholders in the school.  The parents on BLT represent the voice of their grade band. 

    The primary functions of the JSIS-BLT are to promote and facilitate the collaborative decision-making process which affects academic achievement. 

    How can I find out more about BLT?

    To find out more about BLT and class representative, go to

    What type of training is Racial Equity Team receiving to help bring equity to our school?

    The RET receive training and workshops from the district each year.  The team also relies on the expertise of parents who are experts in race and equity issues.

    How do you become part of the Racial Equity Team?

    Each fall, staff decide who will be part of the RET.  The parent position is a volunteer position.

    What is the Climate Team?

    The Climate Team is a group that works with the Racial Equity Team composed of teachers and staff to develop climate activities throughout the year e.g. social emotional learning, common space behavior expectations.

    How is the school climate measured?

    As part of the JSIS Continuous School Improvement Plan, students at John Stanford take the Student Climate Survey.  This assessment is done in the Spring of each year. At JSIS we also give a version of the survey that focuses on our Climate Goals periodically throughout the school year.

    What policies exist to deal with incidents that happened on school grounds?

    Incidents that happen on school grounds are addressed by the school administration.  Each case is handled according to the situation. The school follows a set of metrics to address different level of infraction.  The administration approach is to provide the students involved opportunities to repair the harm that was felt or caused putting emphasis on empathy and relationship building between students.

    Who should a student go to if he or she encounters a problem at school?

    If a parent is concern about something that happened to his/her child during school, parents are encouraged to first talk to their teachers. If what is of concern happened in the classroom, teachers are in the best position to respond to the situation.

    1. If something happened during recess, the kids are encouraged to speak to the person on duty or to their teachers.

    2. Parents are always welcome to contact Ms. Sarah or Mr. Michael, especially, if they feel their concern was not addressed. Speaking to any staff or teacher will help the parent or child address the issue.

    What role does PTA and BLT play in helping promote education on Race and Equity?

    BLT and PTA plan to work together to provide different training opportunities that would help bridge what teachers are doing, what kids are learning at school and how parents help at home teach kids about race and equity.