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    11.8.16 1.

    Reviewed CSIP and discussed. Sarah established that CSIP will likely change and reflect more of her influence and staff interests in change next year. “Approval” and staff votes 11/9. 2. Task Force: Manuela is meeting with Karen Kadima tomorrow 11/10 with more information. Meeting is for taskforce/parent. Note: principals were not invited. 3, IA/Intern discussions: met with McDonald and asked JSIS/MCDonald to discuss need states of teachers and essential function of IAs vs. Interns etc. Still discussiing and answers being tabulated, getting input, creating scenarios. Timing is around end of November…plan will be finalized by mid- January. This timing will align with kick off of annual fund. Unclear if “plan” will be implemented this year. Reminder to be conscious of board tensions, etc. - is it appropriate to pay for this? Leslie Harriss sounds “anti”— Recognize this affecting hiring and ability to communicate clearly with parents in their expectations around who will be teaching, how many teachers in each classroom, etc. Announcements: -Spanish speaking families meet 11/18 drop-off… Efforts continue to reach out to non-English speakers, any minority group that may need representation. This is the start of these forumsideally monthly going forward. -Mexico trip: capacity is nearly full. Are there scholarships?