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    Meeting notes here:
    Professional development plan: staff voted and final focus areas will be: 
     Climate: RULER: A socio/emotional program developed at Yale. Has been rolling out across the district and JSIS will finally adopt. Teaches students how to recognize and articulate feelings, and how to navigate to a different feeling. Aspects of Second Step may be kept as well. RULER is a tool based curriculum and Second Step is activity based.  International Education: Led by an International School Leadership Team representing grades K through 12. Team is addressing definition of an international school and objectives. Focus areas include:

    1. Developing 21st century skills and global competency

    2. Investigating the world and recognizing perspectives

    3. [I missed this one]

    4. Creative and critical thinking

    5. Communicating across cultures

    6. Fostering a growth mindset and perseverance

    7. [I missed this one] 

     Technology: the new district CTO recently visited JSIS – it was a successful visit. Sarah recommends we first build up some hardware before addressing other technology opportunities Sidenote: Climate survey student results are in, parents results still pending BLT members requested additional work to more closely integrate the two language immersion communities (currently feels very separate). Perhaps a BLT subcommittee is needed to address this opportunity. This is particularly important to single class grades that never get mixed – many of these students seek diversity/broader community where possible. Student/parent exit suvey. Sarah reviewed the draft questions and members gave input. Sarah will send soon to capture feedback from this year’s departing families. Survey is intended to specifically capture why families are leaving, not capture broader feedback/sentiment about JSIS. Looping: defined as same teacher takes same students to the next grade level. Benefit is that teacher is already familiar with students so can make progress more quickly second year (shorter ramp). Looping has been inconsistent past few years. This year, Sarah asked staff for their individual preferences and responses varied. Long term, additional analysis is needed. However for this coming Fall, there will be partial looping. However, where possible, students will be reshuffled.  New JSIS/McDonald Assistant Principal Patrick Brown: Sarah, McDonald principal, and director narrowed down to three candidates, then candidates were interviewed by committee of parents and teachers from both schools. New assistant principal will primarily do full days at each school, not split days. Sarah is excited about Patrick’s deep bilingual education experience – it will definitely bring new insights and expertise to JSIS!