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    Last updated September 13, 2016

    Questions? Contact Ms. Kathleen or Ms. Connie

    If you are in the 4th or 5th grade and are interested in being a patroller this Spring for JSIS, please read the duties and responsibilities below and then sign the Safety Patrol Application. 4th Grade students must be 10 years of age.

    Safety Patrol Duties and Responsibilities

    You must be willing to:

    • Follow all rules and regulations (Those will be taught at the training meeting.)
    • Attend safety patrol meetings during your lunch/recess times. (3-4 times per year)
    • Stay on post until the last bus leaves for afternoon shifts.

    Patrollers will receive:

    • Training on the roles and responsibilities for a quality patrol.
    • The honor of being a school leader and helping other students walk safely to and from school safely.
    • Lunch meetings with Ms. Kathleen and Ms. Connie with potential treats throughout the year!
    • An end of the year celebration upon successful completion of duties. June 9, 2017

    If you are interested, return the Safety Patrol Application to Ms. Kathleen or Ms. Connie no later than Wednesday, March 22nd. Spring session will run April 3rd - June 26th.

    The JSIS training/scheduling meeting will take place at lunch on Friday March 31st for new members. The official schedule and routines will be handed out that day to all patrollers. The official schedule starts on Monday April 3rd.

    We hope to give each patroller at least 2 shifts per week. We are happy to work around other schedules and needs including transportation and clubs. Schedule configurations are dependent on the number of patrollers.

    Last updated September 13, 2016

    Safety Patrol Coordinators

    Ms. Kathleen:
    Ms. Connie:

    Important Forms

    Safety Patrol Student Application Form