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    BLT Meeting Date: 02/27/20
    Time Keeper: Sarah Jones
    Recorder: Genna McClaren

    Agenda Item
    Budget Presentation
    Develop recommendation

    Members Present:
    Chika Imanishi (Yr. 1)
    Christi Miller
    Genna McLaren (Yr. 1, E)
    Greg Widmyer
    Kathleen Gillespie (Yr.1, Library)
    Kathy Jolly
    Leslie Ramirez (Yr.1, S)
    Rie Zilly (Yr.2, J)
    Sarah Jones
    Vivian Song Maritz
    Yoko Chiba

    BLT Meeting Minutes:
    Budget Presentation

    Budget and decisions done in collaboration with both Kathy and Sarah
    Norms discussion
    BLT priorities from last meeting ranked as follows:
    1st IAs, 2nd Counselor, 3rd Interns
    Aligned to the priorities that the PTA raised money for
    Changes from 2019-2020 discussed
    .5 people receive full benefits
    1 position = 1 benefit package
    K-3 FTE cannot be used for classified FTE or Counselor
    Cannot waive Assistant Principal
    PTA funding of IAs/Interns/Counselor/Biliteracy support
    Budgetary Allocation 2020-21
    Full details available by request from Sarah or Kathy
    Sarah presented some possibilities for different configurations
    She has come up with proposal for a one year solution only, maintaining current staffing
    Full proposal available by request from Sarah or Kathy
    Opened floor to feedback / new ideas
    BLT passed Sarah's presented recommendation

    Next BLT Meeting Date: March 26th 2020

    Action Items & New Agenda Items: Staff survey and budget vote