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    The JSIS ceramics program has been volunteer led and funded by the JSIS PTA for over 10 years! JSIS is fortunate to have our very own kiln onsite. The students currently create one project a year that consists of two in-classroom sessions. The first session builds the project and the second session is for painting or glazing. Since this a purely volunteer-run program we need YOU and you don’t even need experience in ceramics to make an impact!

    Look what the third graders have been working on in ceramics! These coil pots were glazed this week. The fourth graders will be working with clay next week. If you want to come help with ceramics sessions, look for scheduling information in your room rep messages. Thanks to all the parent volunteers who are making this great program happen - it literally could not happen without you!

    Volunteers Needed!  NO CERAMICS EXPERIENCE REQUIRED in any role in the ceramics program. Here are critical program management roles needed to be filled immediately:

    Ceramics Program Manager: Overall management of the JSIS ceramics program. Interface with JSIS principal and staff to ensure program is meeting staff and student expectations. Basic knowledge of ceramics would be helpful but not required. 

    Ceramics Schedule Coordinator: Manage and create session calendar with teachers. Communicate volunteer needs to room reps. Send out session reminders to staff. No ceramics experience needed and volunteer time is flexible to meet your schedule.

    Session Teacher: Teach ceramics classes to students. There are two sessions per class and each session lasts one hour. No previous experience necessary, training on session will be provided  Please specify how many sessions you would be able to teach and if you have any date/time restrictions. 

    Class Session Assistants: Day of session support to set up for ceramics session in classroom, provide assistance during session to teacher, and help cleanup. Time allotted is 30 min for set-up, 1 hour for in-class session, and 30 min. for cleanup.

    Inventory & Supply Coordinator: Procurement of clay, manage inventory and ceramic project supplies. Purchasing additional supplies as needed by utilizing PTSA funds. 

    Kiln Operator: No experience necessary, instructions provided! Help load, fire, and unload kiln of completed ceramics projects. Please specify dates/times you would be available.

    Photographer & Display: Take pictures of student’s work during and after sessions. Create a small photo library and update the ceramics bulletin board at school. 

    Curriculum Development: Assist in age-appropriate curriculum development with a focus on art instruction objectives and 21st century skills (new district buzz words!). Provide detailed project instructions so a parent with little experience can teach the class. 

    If you are interested in dedicating your time and talents to a very worthwhile arts program that will not occur without you please contact Julie Pellegrino Gilbert (