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    How do I join the JSIS PTA?
    Every family receives a WA State PTA membership envelope at the beginning of the school year in their first-day packet. Fill out your information on the envelope and return it to school with a check made payable to JSIS PTA. If you would like to donate toward someone else's membership fee, add the amount you wish to donate into your own check.

    What if I can't afford the PTA membership cost?
    If you are unable to afford the membership fee, please place a note inside the PTA envelope stating "scholarship requested for PTA membership" with your signature. If you would like to donate toward someone else's membership fee, feel free to add the amount you wish to donate into your own check. Any amount is appreciated.

    Can I sign up for JSIS PTA online?
    I wish we had registration electronically but it is an envelope we purchase from WA State PTA who has not gone to direct online registration. I have posted extra PTA membership envelopes on the third floor bulletin board outside the office under “advocacy” when you enter the building from the parking lot.

    What is my time commitment if I join JSIS PTA?
    All you need to do is fill out the envelope and turn it in with your check for $15 per individual or $20 per family made out to JSIS PTA. Be sure to sign the note requesting scholarship for membership fee if needed. There is no further obligation to PTA. You can, but are not required to, attend meetings and vote on business. You can do as little or as much as your time and energy allow. There is no time required beyond filling out and turning in the envelope. That being said, there is a new 5 hour pledge for the entire JSIS community regardless of whether or not you are a PTA member. We encourage everyone to take the 5 hour pledge!

    Why am I required to be a member of JSIS PTA for my child to participate in AfterSchool Activities (ASA)?
    Membership of one parent or guardian is a new requirement to participate in the fall ASA program because PTA is the agent for two reasons:

    1. The PTA does not collect any enrollment fees to cover our administration costs of the program. All fees go to the outside vendors with the exception of scholarship money collected to support students who would otherwise not be able to participate due to financial reasons. However, if you cannot afford the PTA membership fee please ask for a scholarship.

    2. PTA members' children are covered by the PTA liability policy and the risk of a liability situation arising during an 8 week ASA session with outside vendors is greater than a one-time PTA event. For the safety of our students, we want to ensure that every child is covered under our insurance policy.

    What is the advantage of JSIS PTA family membership?
    The advantage of family membership is that if you and your partner have different opinions about issues that come to a vote by the PTA, you each have a vote. If only 1 of you is a member, then only that person can vote. Only members get to vote on officers or run for office. JSIS PTA is made stronger by more members. Although some of the money goes to state and national PTA, a portion of it stays at JSIS for us to use for events that enhance our children's education as well as our school's sense of community. Long story short, if you can afford the $20, it will be money well spent!