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    Si ustedes tienen alguna pregunta acerca de la traducción, por favor pueden ponerse en contacto con la maestra de su niño/a o con Ms. Nina Machuca, ELL IA, (252-6080), para ayuda inmediata.

    連絡事項について、ご質問及び翻訳の必要がございましたら、日本語の担任または、春美チャペル先生ELL IA (252-6080) までご連絡ください。 


    Dear Families,


    Next Friday is our Annual Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast!  We invite all of you who have volunteered in some way at JSIS this year to stop by the library after drop off for some treats and entertainment.  We would not have the wonderful school we have without all of you, and this is our way of saying thank you!


    Just a couple notes below…

    Introducing our 2018-19 BLT Parent Representatives

    I would like to introduce our 2018-19 BLT Parent Representatives. 


    Zoila Pena – K/1

    I am Ernesto’s mom.  He is part of the Spanish Kindergarten class. 

    For four years during Ernesto’s preschool years, I was deeply involved in the North Seattle coop schools fulfilling various roles.  Some of those roles included two years as a school board member for Woodland Park Coop and IT Coordinator and the class Accountant for Latona Coop.  My husband and I are passionate about teaching our kids the joy of learning and exploration.  This past fall, along with another parent, we started a LEGO team and invited some of Ernesto’s friends from his Spanish class to join the group.  I am pleased that from this twelve-week experience, the kid’s bond flourished while learning Lego robotics. 


    Throughout the past year, I have volunteered at JSIS in both Ernesto’s English and Spanish class and participate in most of the events put forward by the school.  Currently, I am part of the La Fiesta planning committee.  We are enjoying getting to know our son’s school better and the parent community.  Being part of the Building Leadership Team would be an opportunity to explore ways we can improve our school and share our learnings.


    Amanda Adkins – 2/3

    My name is Amanda Adkins. Here at JSIS, I have two kiddos in the Spanish program, one in kindergarten and one in second grade. Over the years, I have enjoyed volunteering as Room Rep, ambassador to the Annual Fund, in the classroom and at school events. I feel very fortunate that my girls get to be part of the of JSIS community. As a member of BLT, I hope to contribute to our school's success as an immersion program and international community. 


    Aya Sethi – 4/5

    I served on the BLT for the past year, representing K/1.  I will have a 5th grader and twins in 2nd grade next year.  With a professional background working in nonprofit education, focusing on research and evaluation, I am excited to continue to be a part of our international education school.  I look forward to working together again with parents and staff to strengthen our language immersion program in both Spanish and Japanese.  


    Angie Esquivel – ELL Families

    My daughter Myla is in Kindergarten in the Spanish program.

    I was born in Mexico, my hometown is in the border with the USA and that gave me the opportunity of growing in a dual/bilingual community.  My husband is from India and we speak three languages at home.


    I worked more than ten years in public schools in Mexico teaching English as a second language. I served  more than five years as coordinator of English teachers in my school district organizing the development of curricula, lesson plans and class materials with special focus on using technology in the classroom.


    For the past three years,I have served on the parents board of the Spanish speaking preschool Co-op of my children - one year as secretary and two as co-chair.


    I would like to be part of the BLT because I am very passionate about education and all the opportunities it can create for our children and the community. I believe I bring a unique perspective as a bilingual parent and teacher.


    From Mr. Michael, our school counselor

    This week there was a fatal shooting in West Seattle at a track meet in which many children were competing. At least one JSIS student was present with their family, and you or your children may know someone who was in attendance.

    I wanted to take a moment to talk about helping children cope when they are exposed to violence such as this; as this event shows, it can happen anywhere or any time.

    Talking about a tragedy with your child can help start a conversation with a safe adult – in other words, if you do not begin the dialogue, your child may hear it from someone else. Starting the conversation ensures there are not fantastical, inappropriate or incorrect pieces of information.

    When it comes to what to share, be honest and to the point, but avoid unnecessary details and speculating or exaggerating. Watch and listen to your child for misunderstanding or underlying fears. Remind them that you and many other adults are there for them. Try to avoid speaking in a way that places blame on a group of people in your discussion (people who have mental illnesses, a cultural or ethnic group, etc).

    Some reactions to look out for may include nightmares or trouble sleeping; fear of being away from home or at school; mood swings and sudden aggression. 

    In helping your child cope, it is important to reassure them of their safety not only at home but at school. Remind them that they have many adults that care about their well-being and safety. Encouraging your child to share their feelings, even if it may be “random” or long-removed from the time of an incident, is important as well. Writing or drawing their feelings can be helpful and therapeutic too!

    Always feel free to reach out to myself or your child’s teachers if you ever have concerns.

    Mr. Michael




    Sarah Jones

    Principal, John Stanford International School

    4057 5th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA 98105

    twitter: @jsisprincipal

    Office: 206.252.6080

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