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    Dear Families,


    I would like to officially welcome you to the 2018-19 school year!  I hope you have had a wonderful summer with your children; we are very excited to welcome them on the 5th for grades 1-5, and on the 10th for Kindergarten.  Of course, I know you are most interested in who your child’s teacher(s) will be this year (which is at the bottom of this letter), but I hope you will take a few minutes to read the other information I am sharing.


    Bell Times

    School begins for everyone at 7:55.  If your child arrives after 8:00am, they MUST check in at the front desk before going to class.  Teachers will pick up students on the playground (K-1 on the upper playground and 2-5 on the lower playground).  Classes are dismissed at 2:25 (2:20 for Kindergarten), and at 1:10 (1:05 for Kindergarten) on Wednesdays.  The first day of school is not an early release.  Classes are dismissed on the playgrounds where they were picked up, and that is where you should meet your children.



    We do not get an accurate list from transportation about which children are taking the bus, and which stop they are getting off at.  It is best to let your child’s teacher know (by email or in a note) if your child is riding the bus and which stop they get off at.  If your child’s schedule changes for any reason, please let your child’s afternoon teacher know.



    At John Stanford International School, instead of handing you a list of requested classroom supplies at the beginning of each year, we collect a supply fee and do the shopping for you.  We have found that when purchasing in bulk through the school district, we can get better pricing than you would when buying at retail stores or online.  For this reason, we collect a fee of $60 per student, which is used to order classroom supplies for your student and teacher to use throughout the year.

    Attached is the form, if you want to pay by check.  This year, you can also use School Pay.  I have learned that it should be working on September 5, and there will be instructions in your opening day packet for how to set up an account.  If you have an older student (in middle or high school) you can go into their account now and pay.  If you have any questions on or after the first day, don’t hesitate to call or email Jill.


    Picture Day

    Picture day for students in grades 1-5 will be Wednesday, September 12.  Pictures for students in grade 5 will be September 19.  Picture forms will be included in your first day packet, but these dates are very soon, so I wanted to draw your attention to them.  This year, we will be using Lifetouch as our school photographer.


    Julie will be looking for 4 volunteers for the 12th and 1-2 volunteers for the 19th to help with pictures. If you are able to volunteer, you will receive a free picture package.


    Family Handbook & Calendar

    Attached to this email is our 2018-19 family handbook and school calendar.  Hopefully, this will serve as a resource for you if you have questions about JSIS.  Each month, in my newsletter, I will send home an updated monthly calendar.


    Drop off and Pick up

    Please look at the handbook for a copy of our drop off and pick up policy, driving and parking information.  It becomes very hectic around our school during drop off and pick up, so please take a look at the diagrams and plan accordingly.  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.


    Thankfulness Thursdays

    Our November and December character trait is Gratitude.  To that end, we are working on ways to be thankful and express our appreciation.  Coffee Hours this year will be on Thursdays directly after drop off, and they have been renamed, “Thankfulness Thursdays”.  They will happen in my office, unless we outgrow the space.  Please look for dates on the calendar.


    FAN (Families Assisting New families)

    This is an opportunity for new and returning families to be matched together so that returning families can assist new families in their transition to the JSIS community.  If you are interested in becoming a partner family, please click:


    If you are a new family, and would like a partner family, please click:


    Specials – Library, Music, PE, Art, Guidance

    This year, we are trying a different specialist schedule as we work to accomplish our goal of mixing students from both languages during PE, Music and Library.  This is very complex, but I will do my best to explain in a few sentences.  If you would like a more complete explanation, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 


    This year, we are thrilled that students will have PE, Music and Library.  Mr. Michael, our counselor, is now full time and he will provide some guidance lessons.  Additionally, we hired a .5 Visual art teacher who will operate on an artist in residence schedule, meaning that she will create times to see each class throughout the year, but it will not be the same structure as our other specials.

    • Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays students will be in mixed groups as they attend Music, PE and Library.  They will attend one special each day.

    • Fridays students will be in the same mixed groups, but will attend an additional PE, Music or Guidance lesson.  These sessions will rotate every 4 weeks, so for four weeks one group will receive an additional PE while another group receives an additional Music…

    • Wednesdays students will be with just their class and they will go to Music, PE or Me.  These groups will rotate every 4 weeks.  This will be something special, as they will not be with their mixed groups.

    • First grade is a bit different since there are 4 sections.  They will follow the same schedule and the same mixes, but they will have 4 specials: Music, PE, Library and Guidance, on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  They will participate in the same Wednesday schedule as the rest of the students.


    Staff Updates

    This spring we said goodbye to many amazing staff members, and now we have the opportunity to welcome:

                  Zoe Facilla, Assistant Principal

                  Adriana Gorski, .5 Kindergarten

                  Christine Boyll, .5 First Grade

                  Marta Torres, First Grade Spanish

                  Laurie Caltrider, .5 Second Grade

                  Genna Robertson Hall, Fourth & Fifth Grade

                  Kayla Bultema, .5 Visual Art

                  Cheri Gail, Nurse

    From Student Teacher to Official Teacher, we welcome:

    Micah Baits, Third Grade Spanish & English

    And, we are pleased to welcome back:

    Mariela Pulizzi, Second Grade Spanish

    If you are interested in who is returning, but perhaps to a different position, please take a look at the staff list in the family handbook.


    Class Assignment

    Your child’s morning teacher is: Srta. Matamala

    Your child’s afternoon teacher is: Ms. Margreet

    *If your child is a twin, you will receive a separate email with class assignment information.



    Sarah Jones

    Principal, John Stanford International School

    4057 5th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA 98105

    twitter: @jsisprincipal

    Office: 206.252.6080

    Fax: 206.252.6081