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    Dear Families,


    For the first time ever, JSIS will host a flu shot clinic during the day.  If you want your child to receive a flu shot - at no cost - please fill out the attached form and send it back with your child or register on line.  Your child should also bring a form home, but just in case, I have attached it.  The due date is Monday, Sept. 24.  There is no late registration.


    If you have questions, there is a website and phone number on the form.









    Si ustedes tienen alguna pregunta acerca de la traducción, por favor pueden ponerse en contacto con la maestra de su niño/a o con Ms. Nina Machuca, ELL IA, (252-6080), para ayuda inmediata.

    連絡事項について、ご質問及び翻訳の必要がございましたら、日本語の担任または、春美チャペル先生ELL IA (252-6080) までご連絡ください。 


    Dear Families,

    One of the activities we did at the beginning of the year was to ask staff what they love about teaching and what they hope students take away from interactions with them.  I am going to share their answers with you in my newsletters throughout this year.

    Jamin, Spanish Intern said he loves teaching because it helps make a difference, helps understand humans better and help them be successful.  He hopes children enjoy learning Spanish by having fun.

    Srta. Maria Buceta said she loves teaching and being around students, interacting with them, and having the opportunity to be a positive influence in their lives.  She hopes to be able to help them grow in different ways and become better students and people, in addition to having fun.

    Rie sensei said she loves teaching and feeling connected to her student sand feeling that they enjoy learning in her class.  She hopes students understand it’s important to be caring and respectful to one another.

    Harumi sensei said she loves teaching for the moment when something clicks for students or when they grow.  She hopes that students feel that they are important and that she is here to support and help them.

    Kayoko sensei

    Many of you have asked how you can help support Kayoko sensei and her family.  The Washington Association of Teachers of Japanese has put together a meal train for Kayoko Sensei. They are inviting the JSIS community to participate.  The request is for one weekly meal and the sign-up has slots for Saturdays. However, if you'd like to participate, but prefer to deliver your meal on a school day (to the school) that is fine!  Just sign-up in a Saturday slot and email Kayoko to tell her what day that you'll be bringing food to the school.


    Tim Ensley, Kayoko-sensei's husband, passed away suddenly on June 24, 2018, leaving behind Kayoko-sensei and their two children (Kousuke and Kate). Thank you for helping Kayoko-sensei with the everyday need to feed her family in her very busy life!




    Balloon Drop – DATE CHANGE!!

    For a variety of reasons, the Balloon drop was scheduled on Yom Kippur.  It is important to the JSIS community to be inclusive of everyone, and we are therefore changing the Balloon Drop to Wednesday, October 17 at 8:15am. If you haven’t participated in the Balloon Drop before, information will go out with directions in early October.

    Mexico Trip – NOTE THE DATE!!

    Each year, families have an opportunity to travel to Puerto Vallarta and spend a week helping at a school.  This trip is open to K-5 students in both languages.  Families should plan to arrive in Puerto Vallarta on Sunday April 7th before 5:00 pm and stay until April 12th after school ends (around 1:00 pm).  Staying longer than that is up to each family, but absences will be considered unexcused beginning April 15.  If you need information about hotels, please feel free to contact Srta. Matamala.  We will also be sending out more information soon, but I know many families want to get a jumpstart!

    Thankfulness Thursday

    This is coffee hour!  Coffee hour is an informal opportunity for families to meet with me and ask questions.  Our first Thankfulness Thursday will be this Thursday, September 13 from 8-9am, after drop off.  This year, we will try it in my office and switch locations if we need more space.  Please bring your own coffee.

    Supplies – Fees due Friday, September 14

    Thank you to those of you who have already paid.  If you haven’t, you can pay on line though school pay or pay Jill.  Information was included in the first day packet.

    Remind app

    Information was included in the first day packet, but I would like to encourage you, again, to sign up. This will allow you to get text alerts from me, and also allows you to text me if you need to.  As an example, last year, when we had to alter our field day times and location, all I could do was send an email, which many families did not get.  This year, I would be able to send a quick to let everyone know what was happening.


    Sarah Jones




    Sarah Jones

    Principal, John Stanford International School

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    twitter: @jsisprincipal

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