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    Building-wide norms
    Maintain focus on what is best for students
    Stay engaged, exhibit active listening
    Speak your truth
    Multiple perspectives
    Constructive communication
    Collaborative atmosphere
    Assume positive intent
    Experience discomfort
    Seek first to understand
    Evaluate ideas not individuals
    Accept/Expect non-closure

    Function of BLT

    The primary functions of the JSIS-BLT are to promote and facilitate the collaborative decision making process which affects academic achievement. All decisions will be made in accordance with the Decision Making Matrix. The JSIS-BLT serves as one of the governing bodies of JSIS, with responsibilities for leadership, advocacy, financial stewardship, and strategic planning to assure the highest standards of educational excellence and an inclusive, supportive school community.

    Objectives of the BLT
    The BLT is to oversee the facilitation and development of:
    The Continuous Improvement Plan (CSIP). This also includes the school’s efforts to ensure equity in discipline, learning and opportunity for all students.
    Developing a school wide professional development plan that supports the CSIP.
    The school’s budget.
    Creation and yearly review of the Decision Making Matrix (DMM)
    In considering matters brought before the JSIS-BLT, the members shall have as their primary focus the best interests of the JSIS students. District policies, collective bargaining and other agreements to which JSIS or the District may be a party will be recognized and observed when formulating plans for JSIS.

    Date: August 16, 2018

    Time: 9am-Noon

    Facilitator: Sarah
    Time Keeper:
    Recorder: Aya
    Members Present:
    Sarah, Angelica, Margreet, Aya, Rie, Amanda, Zoila, Junko (late)
    Members Absent:
    Maria, Elisabeth

    Agenda Item
    Introductions & Common Ground Activity

    Allocated Time

    15 min
    Ice breaker activity: work in 2 groups to find something in common among group members. E.g. we all travelled to Paris, we rode the metro in Paris. Keep on going until you can’t find something in common. A way to find commonality among participants.
    Action Items

    Agenda Item

    Leadership Style Activity


    Allocated Time

    30 min
    A group of BLT members went to a BLT training held by district in October 2017. Activity on leadership style. Discussion/reflection on how we categorized our own leadership style. Activity and discussion as a way to understand each others’ leadership style. Handout: “Understanding Your Leadership Style”.
    Action Items

    Agenda Item

    What is BLT?

    Allocated Time

    30 min
    Handout: “The Building Leadership Team”. Provides overview of BLT.
    Action Items

    Agenda Item

    Items for review and approval:
    Decision Making Matrix
    Calendar for BLT
    CSIP review
    Communications plan
    Future meeting dates and times

    Allocated Time

    90 min
    Review ByLaws and Sarah made hardcopy edits. Approved changes.
    Decision Making Matrix. Should be looked at in conjunction with ByLaws and SEA contract.
    CSIP review. Staff PD will be determined once staff contract signed. Should be available in September. All gap closing goals are same at decreasing by 50% (except for PLC goals). Looking only at academic outcomes but not cut by gender or ethnicity. PLC goals to be added in fall after determined by teachers. Continue to work on improving student climate data. Have full-time counselor who will spend time in each classroom.
    BLT Calendar
    Communication Plan. Parents to take turns to summarize highlights of meeting and send out through room rep coordinators. Room rep coordinators can send out grade band specific emails. Be sure to include YOUR email so that your constituents can reply to you and not to the room rep.
    BLT Meeting dates set.
    Action Items

    Next meeting date and agenda items:

    Time Keeper: