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     Building-wide norms

    Maintain focus on what is best for students.

    Stay engaged, exhibit active listening.

    Speak your truth:
    Multiple perspectives.
    Constructive communication.
    Collaborative atmosphere .
    Assume positive intent.

    Experience discomfort:
    Seek first to understand.
    Evaluate ideas not individuals.

    Accept/Expect non-closure.


    Function of BLT

    The primary functions of the JSIS-BLT are to promote and
    facilitate the collaborative decision making process which
    affects academic achievement. All decisions will be made in
    accordance with the Decision Making Matrix. The JSIS-BLT
    serves as one of the governing bodies of JSIS, with
    responsibilities for leadership, advocacy, financial
    stewardship, and strategic planning to assure the highest
    standards of educational excellence and an inclusive,
    supportive school community.

    Objectives of the BLT
    The BLT is to oversee the facilitation and development of:

     The Continuous Improvement Plan (CSIP). This also
    includes the school’s efforts to ensure equity in
    discipline, learning and opportunity for all students.

     Developing a school wide professional development
    plan that supports the CSIP.

     The school’s budget.

     Creation and yearly review of the Decision Making
    Matrix (DMM)

    In considering matters brought before the JSIS-BLT, the
    members shall have as their primary focus the best interests
    of the JSIS students. District policies, collective bargaining and
    other agreements to which JSIS or the District may be a party
    will be recognized and observed when formulating plans for

    Members Present:
     Aya, Margreet, Elizabeth, Erika, Hiromi, Sarah, Kelly,
    Stacey, Maria
    Members Absent: x

    Date: May 29, 2018
    Time: 2:40-4:30

    Agenda Item
    Facilitator: Sarah

    Allocated Time
    60 min

    Present, discuss, vote to approve draft

    Discuss/update communication plan

    Communication Plan

    15 min

     Daelyn (Room Rep coordinator) has said she would forward BLT
    updates on to the appropriate Room Reps to send to their classes

    Action Items

    Agenda Item
    representation on
    BLT for 2018-19

    Allocated Time

    15 min

     Discussion of Aya’s concerns
     There are 4 parents appointed to BLT next year. 3 are Spanish, 1 is
    Japanese. How do BLT candidates get appointed? If there is more
    than one candidate in a grade band, that grade band gets to see
    their candidates and vote.
     March 29 – The BLT ask was included in the newsletter (Sarah
    received 2 replies).
     April 26 – BLT ask was included in newsletter (Sarah received 0
     Sarah asked people she saw if anyone was interested in being on
     BLT spots represent their grade band not the language, however,
    there should be parents from each language on BLT. This year’s
    PTA had 2 co-presidents that were Japanese because they couldn’t
    find a Spanish parent who was interested. Sometimes you have to
    take the people who are willing to volunteer.
     Sarah is not worried there will be a negative outcome for the
    Japanese program since the representative #’s aren’t equal.
     Term limits for parents – is it held to one year or can you volunteer
    for more than one?
     Aya’s suggestion for future BLTs – ask the current BLT parents for
    help with recruitment.
     BLT meetings are open. Any parent can come to any meeting.
    Dates are all published ahead of time.
    Action Items

    Agenda Item
    Setting Agenda for
    June Meeting

    Allocated Time
    10 minutes


     Can we switch the June date to June 12? Yes, meeting is switched
     Invite new BLT representatives to June Meeting? Yes
     Decide on BLT summer “retreat” Talk at next meeting when new
    members are present.
     Kelly has volunteered famiy lake house by SeaTac for meeting –
    25 minutes
     Haven’t filled Classified BLT rep. Hiromi has asked, but no one has
    Action Items

    Next meeting date and agenda items:
    June _12__, 2:40-4:30 in Room 320

    JSIS BLT Agenda

    Facilitator: Sarah Jones
    Time Keeper:
    : Erika Bigelow

    - Idea for Room Reps – Shout Out section for those who volunteer a little less visibly (i.e. hosting an intern, etc…).
    Erika to bring this idea to PTA.
    - All staff positions except for art have been filled, so far. Contracts to be signed by beginning of June