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    The election will be held during the May 23 Membership Meeting.

    PTA board was unable to recruit a nominating committee this year, so nominees are invited from the community in an effort to represent the full John Stanford body. Job descriptions are available on the PTA page of the school website and nominees should be aware of the expectations of the role.

    Open 2018-19 PTA executive committee positions:

    Co-president: currently Greg Gilkeson, term ending

    Vice president: currently Morzaria Luna, term ending

    Secretary: currently Donna Rueth, resigning

    Assistant treasurer: Alicia Mariscal, resigning – Janice Park, was nominated as interim assistant pending confirmation and has been attending meetings with a view to replacing Alicia in this position

    In addition to the open the elected executive positions, there are a number of unfilled appointed director positions and we encourage those who are eager to serve to offer their names for consideration.

    Who can be nominated:
    Any JSIS PTA 2017-18 member, that was a member 15 days before the election. 

    How nominating works:
    PTA members may nominate another member or themselves to serve in a stated position with that individual’s permission. Nominee will be given time for a short statement about who they are and why they'd like to serve on the board. All PTA members will be given a ballot on which to write their pick for each position. Tellers will be selected to count the ballots. 

    Who can vote: 
    All JSIS PTA 2017-18 members are able to vote in person on May 23. They must be registered PTA members by May 23 vote. If you're not sure if you a member contact Camille Yocum. You may join online here. 

    Any questions about this process can be directed to Donna Rueth.