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    What is The Campaign to Put Students First and where does the money go?

    The Campaign to Put Students First is our school's largest fundraising effort, providing essential funding to enhance the education of each and every student at JSIS. Donations to this year's Campaign will:

    • Enrich the lessons our children learn in and outside class. While school district funding provides the basics for textbooks and materials, JSIS relies on us to provide additional enrichment funding, including a second adult in each language classroom (IAs and Interns), English support for Kindergarten, and counseling support.

    • Hire additional support personnel to work with English language learners and students who are struggling and need extra help.

    • Offer more opportunities for our kids to immerse in art and culture by investing in "mobile field trips"- bringing local cultural centers like MOHAI, SAM, and the Pacific Science Center to present supplemental curriculum to staff and offer programming on our campus for JSIS staff and students.

    • Enable more learning specialists to provide individualized attention to students.

    What is this year's goal and how was it determined?

    The Campaign to Put Students First goal is $360,000, which equates to about $800 per student.

    Each year, JSIS staff identifies priorities and the funds needed to support those priorities. The JSIS staff presents those priorities to the PTA Board for approval. Once approved, the Annual Fund Team begins the tactical work of getting the funds raised.

    What if we raise more than $360,000, where will extra money go?

    That would be a great problem to solve!

    If funds are raised beyond our goal, then JSIS staff will provide recommendations on how best to put the surplus to good use. This year the staff has identified technology enhancements as a priority.

    Is my donation tax-deductible?

    Yes! Your donation is 100% tax-deductible. You will receive a letter from the Network for Good acknowledging your donation to The Campaign to Put Students First and listing the JSIS PTA Tax ID number 94-3084553.

    How do I get a company match?

    Company Matches are a HUGE deal for JSIS fundraisers! Each year, company match dollars account for thousands of extra dollars to fund our school. Microsoft, The Gates Foundation, Starbucks and Boeing are just a few of the many generous employers that offer matching funds.

    If your employer offers a company match, please help us make your donation go farther by taking the time to apply for your company match. Also, some parents who have a company match have offered other parents who don't have a match at their employer an opportunity to bundle their giving with them and get the maximum donation. This decision to bundle may mean you don't get the tax credit but it also means your donation triples! (for instance: Gates will triple the amount you give!!, So $800 turns into $2400!).

    If you have questions or need help with your company match, email us at fundjsis@gmail.comand we can help you complete your match. When you match, be sure to specify that you are requesting a match for the John Stanford International School Annual Fund.

    I am the parent of a fifth grader, why should I donate?

    Simply put – Pay it forward! 

    Especially if your kiddo has been at JSIS for the past 6 years, we hope that you'll consider this your parting gift of gratitude for the experience your family has had at this amazing school. When your child joined JSIS as an incoming Kindergarten student, the JSIS community invested funds via the annual ask to make JSIS the best learning environment for your child. Now, as an active part of the JSIS community, we hope you'll pay it forward and help ensure the strength and sustainability of this world-class program that has benefitted your child and your family.

    Who sees my donation? I am concerned about privacy.

    Donation details are only available to a small cadre of Annual Fund volunteers, our JSIS Network for Good account manager, Principal Sarah Jones and 1 other member of her staff. No donor lists are published.

    I have a detailed question about the Annual Fund. Whom can I ask?

    Please send your questions to, and a member of the Annual Fund committee will reach out by email or phone.