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    First Day of School Letter from the School Nurse


    Welcome (and Welcome Back!) to John Stanford International School! The Health
    Room/Nurses’ Office is located inside the school’s Main Office. I will be working every other
    Monday and every Thursday at JSIS.

    Student Health Information Form
    Please complete the Health Registration Form and return it (found in your packet). I look
    forward to working with you and your student to manage any acute or ongoing health
    concerns. It is especially helpful to have current phone numbers and to be aware of any
    health related issues that may impact your student’s ability to learn, attend class regularly or
    to get about the building safely.

    Medications at School?
    Will your child be requiring any daily or as needed medications while at school? We
    must have an Authorization For Medication at School form on file with the school.
    This includes inhalers, allergy medications and over-the –counter meds like Tylenol,
    Ibuprofen, topical creams. Forms may be picked up at main office or the staff or I can
    email it to you.

    Please be sure that we have both your signature and your healthcare provider’s signature
    on the form before turning it in. Please have this done before school starts. Pursuant to
    RCW: 28A.210.380, Washington State Law, the school must have the medication(s) to treat
    your child's Life Threatening condition (Asthma, Food Allergy, Seizures, ect.) by the first day
    of school. The form must be renewed each school year.

    No medications needed during school? There is no need to complete the Authorization Med

    Immunizations are important to keep all our students safe and healthy. Moreover,
    they are required for continued attendance at school. Please check with your Health
    Care Provider to be sure your child is up-to-date on Immunizations!

    Vision & Hearing Screens
    Vision & Hearing screenings are typically done in the Fall. If you would like to
    volunteer to help with the screenings, PLEASE let me know. You do not need to
    have previous experience or formal training in order to help. If your child does not
    pass on a 2nd re-screen; you will be notified that further evaluation is advised.

    Is My Child Too Sick To Go To School?
    Please familiarize yourself with the form in packet titled: “Is My Child Too Sick To School”.
    Thank you for your support to keep students safe & healthy!

    Feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns.

    Sheila Kohls, RN