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    Si ustedes tienen alguna pregunta acerca de la traducción, por favor pueden ponerse en contacto con la maestra de su niño/a o con Ms. Nina Machuca, ELL IA, (252-6080), para ayuda inmediata.

    連絡事項について、ご質問及び翻訳の必要がございましたら、日本語の担任または、春美チャペル先生ELL IA (252-6080) までご連絡ください。 


    Dear Families,

    Welcome to 2018!  It was lovely to see all the children on Tuesday.  I hope that all of you enjoyed a wonderful winter break.  Just a reminder… It looks like many kids had their Pokemon wishes fulfilled over the break, as we are seeing many cards.  Pokemon cards are considered toys and are not allowed during the school day.  Students are welcome to keep them in their backpacks for before school, after school or LSA trading and playing.  We really appreciate your support and reminders to your children. 

    We had our character trait assembly yesterday to recognize students for Kindness/Caring (our December trait) and introduce Perseverance (our January trait).  It is always wonderful reinforcement if you can use this word at home or ask your child how they are persevering at school.  Our choir performed a song, and then performed for the SPS school board yesterday evening.  A huge thanks to Ms. Ahmed and all the families that helped make the presentation/concert happen.  Also, our student leadership team read and performed a story about perseverance.  They did a wonderful job, and we are welcoming a new group of student leaders this week for the winter.

    Although I’m sure we’ll never have another rainy day drop off now that we have these incredible signs… First, thank you to Hem for writing the SDOT grant to get these signs, and other barricades and flags.  I am so excited to see these signs!  They are not only beautiful, but informational in all three languages!  Parents have often expressed: how do I know if it’s rainy day?  Where does my child go?  The answer is here!!  When it is rainy day drop off, these signs will be put outside – on the corner of 4th and 42nd, in front of the school on 5th ave, and outside the white gate on 4th ave as you enter the lower playground.  If you see the sign, you will know it is rainy day drop off, and the signs also indicate where your child should go.


    The Spanish Parents Network (SPN) is meeting soon.  Thank you, Rocio, for organizing this meeting.

    Spanish Parents Network ha sido una iniciativa por parte de Padres miembros de JSIS. El próposito es servir como un enlace de conexión entre las familias que se identifican con la Cultura y Lenguaje en Español. Además de servir de vínculo  con la escuela.

    Por tal, SPN desea invitarte a que asistas con tu familia a la Primera reunión  para dialogar, expresar y participar en temas relacionados a:

    *La participación de eventos Latinos y Culturales en nuestra escuela JSIS, tales como LA FIESTA
    *Dar tu opinión de como consideras la escuela está y/o sirve en la educación de tu (s) hij@ (s).
    * Socializar y conectar con familias que se identifican y/o consideran como  parte de  la cultura hispana.

    Jueves 25 de Enero, 2018
    HORA 6-7:15 PM
    LUGAR: Cafetería de JSIS

    Se le invita a que traiga a compartir un platillo de comida. (potluck). Puede añadirse a la lista de Signup Genius:

    Spanish Parents Network (SPN)

    Spanish parents Network is a JSIS Parents Initiative. The purpose is to serve as a link between families who identify with Spanish Language and Culture. In addition, to serve as a link to the school. Because of that, SPN would like to invite you and your family to attend the first meeting to discuss, express and participate in topics related to:

    * Participation of Cultural Latino events in our JSIS School, such as the FIESTA
    * Provide your opinion of how you consider the school serves your child (s) related to his or her education.
    * Socialize and connect with families that identify and/or considered themselves as part of the Hispanic Culture.

    Thursday January 25th, 2018
    Time: 6-7:15 PM

    Place: Cafeteria of JSIS

    You are invited to bring a dish to share. You can add your name at the next Signup Genius link:

    * The gym space will be available for your children to play while our meeting. Adult supervision is required, for which we will ask for a couple of volunteers.

    It’s already time to think about next year!  Can you believe it?  As we begin to plan, if you have a child currently enrolled at JSIS, and are planning to apply for his/her sibling to enroll, please take a minute to fill out this quick survey. Thank you, in advance, for your time.

    Here is a little more 2018-2019 enrollment information:

    Current families with incoming kindergarten students:  You must register your children through our new online registration with SPS and then you may submit a School Choice form during Open Enrollment between Feb 5-16, 2018 toapply for John Stanford International in September 2018.  Be sure to indicate on the choice form that your incoming kindergartener has a sibling already attending JSIS.

     Current John Stanford International 5th graders rising to middle school:

    • If you live within the Hamilton International School boundaries, your child will automatically be assigned to Hamilton. 


    • If you live outside the Hamilton International boundaries, and you want your child to      continue with language immersion at Hamilton, you must submit a choice form to SPS during Open Enrollment between Feb 5-16, 2018 for Hamilton; this is an automatic guaranteed assignment if you apply during Open Enrollment.


    • If you live outside the Hamilton International boundaries and you prefer that your child attend the middle school assigned to your home address, you do not need to do anything. Your child will automatically be assigned to that school.


    Please be aware that transportation to middle school is based on home address.  It is possible your child may not be eligible for school bus transportation to and from middle school.  If you are in middle or high schools and live outside of the school service area you will receive an Orca Card.


    Current students thinking about leaving to another school or program?  (for example, HCC or Spectrum Advance Learning).  Please be aware if you apply to another school and space is available at that school, the district will assign your child automatically during the first phase of choice assignments to that program or school causing your student to lose their existing assignment to John Stanford International.  If you have any questions about this, please ask us before turning in your paperwork.


    Families switching to a private school- all application materials must be submitted to the John Stanford Int’l office at least 10 working days prior to the due date.  Please bring the records request, along with an addressed envelope and two first class stamps.


    2018-19 Registration for students new to Seattle Public Schools will be available online January 8, 2018.  To receive additional support with the online process, please apply in-person at the JSCEE Admission Center.  Open Enrollment/School choice period is February 5-16, 2018. School choice forms will be available online on Feb 5.


    Important Dates

    • January 20, 2018: 10am-2pm Option School Fair at Mercer Middle School

    • January 31, 2018: 9-10am or 5:30-6:30pm JSIS School Information Sessions/Tours

    • February 5, 2018:  Open Enrollment begins and School Choice Forms available online

    • February 16, 2018:  Open Enrollment ends (on time applications)

    • May 31, 2018:  School Choice deadline (late applications)

    • August 31, 2018:  Waitlists are dissolved


    A Few Pieces of Information:

    PTA Meeting:

    There is a general PTA meeting on Thursday, Jan. 11 at 6:30pm (please note the date change from the calendar).  Board Member Rick Burke will be here to answer questions. 


    Dance Residency:

    There is NO school on Monday, Jan. 15 in recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday.  This week also begins our two-week dance residency, paid for by PTA. The artist’s name is Sumayya Diop.  She will be teaching at JSIS with Mrs. U and Ms. Ahmed from Jan. 16-29.  You are welcome to come watch your child’s class perform on Monday, Jan. 29 during their regular PE/Music time, however, fifth graders will be performing on Friday, Jan. 26 at 7:55am.  

    This dance residency is titled: “A dance, song and rhythm sojourn through the African Diaspora”.  Over the course of the residency, students will engage in and demonstrate culture of African dance, song, drum rhythm, choreography of “Fanga”.  One awesome thing about this dance residency is that it incorporates drumming.





    Sarah Jones

    Principal, John Stanford International School

    4057 5th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA 98105

    twitter: @jsisprincipal

    Office: 206.252.6080

    Fax: 206.252.6081