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    BLT 1/17/17

    Present: Stacie Youngblood (2.3 rep) Heidi Wrightsman (Annual Fund Committee, Japanese immersion) Greg Widmyer (Annual fund) Nicole Silver (4.5 rep) Aya Sethi (K, 3rd 5th parent) Jack Schwab (Annual Fund) Naomi Saavedra (IA rep) Katie Raschko (Union rep) Hiromi Pingry (K.1 rep) Maria Matamala (2nd grade teacher) Mandy Levenberg (K.1 rep) Brett Kingsbury (member at large) Sarah Jones (Principal) Sergio Jara-Kessi (5th grade teacher) Jeff Daniels (3rd grade parent) Nani Castor-Peck (5th grade teacher) Elizabeth Brace (Specialist rep) Erica Bigelow (parent) Maria Buceta (2.3 rep) Meeting was called to order at 2:30pm 1. Language enrichment survey results update (Sarah shared the PPP.) - 60 responses (18 Japanese/42 Spanish) - Generally equally spread among all grades but more K-1 responses were seen - 84.7% said “Yes” - Among those yes responses, Frequency / week : once -36%, twice- 48%, and three times -15% Length of the program: 55%- 60 m, 34%-90m, and 11%-120 m Instructors: 60% - IAs or Interns, the other options are outside venders, teachers, and parents IAs/interns’ inclination was asked. Sarah hasn’t talked with them. More discussions regarding details are needed. Advance notice to IAs/interns are necessary. To gather more response, Mandy will upload the link on Facebook. Sarah will send the link to Mandy. - Quite a few comments were sent regarding how the classes are ran. Sarah will organize them in PDF and share with the BLT members. 2. Task Force - No update - Single language option Sarah talked with Ashley at Enrollment Dept. and shared the below *Sarah and Michele (McDonald) would need to write a proposal to Michael Tolley, Asst. Sup. if both schools’ staff and communities have agreement. Sarah indicated that it won’t happen for the next school year because it is a huge process to collect data, discuss pros and cons, and come to the consensus. *Several attendants mentioned about Dedy’s idea of having Japanese at JSIS and Spanish at McDonald due to the number of classrooms at each building in case of single language schools, which might affect language choices for in-coming 4 kindergarten classes. Sarah didn’t know about Dedy’s idea and said nothing was determined at this point. Jack shared that Task Force would not recommend about school configurations because each international school has unique needs and the single language system is only feasible between JSIS and McDonald. He also shared that it won’t happen for 2018-19 even the proposal is sent to Michael Tolley now. 3. Budget (Sarah shared the PPP.) - The final budget will be sent to Sarah by the end of February. - The board approved the WSS but didn’t approve the 11 million deficit portion. - Staff will be shown the data tomorrow. - Be considerate of the info as positions/numbers are connected to people. - Sped, ELL, PCP related info is not included. - 4 kindergarten classes are requested and approved because more total student allows the school to have additional resources. Discussions regarding the kindergarten classes. - Language is not determined. - Based on the number on the wait list in the past, 4 classes will be filled. - Only data Sarah has is that the parents showed 2 to 1 ratio (Spanish to Japanese) She is going to collect data by undisclosed methods to keep fairness of the process. - The bottom line is that 4 classes have to be filled. - Sarah considers the fact that the Japanese kindergarten class at McDonald couldn’t fill the class this year. - Historically the families didn't have any say. How the prospective parents are asked about classes? - Parents can be asked to ranking the preferable languages. - Number of siblings and other data are not collected yet. - The wait list cannot be shared with McDonald. - The school can sustain 4 classes in one grade for 3 years, meanwhile considering other solutions including single language. After three years the school can go back to 3 classes per grade. - Sarah talked with Maria Ling at LSA. LSA might lose a classroom, but not the next year. Discussions regarding the staff (Please refer to Sarah’s PPP regarding the numbers) - Sarah shared her prediction that K-3 will be able to recruit new students to have the maximum number of students, and therefore the school can keep the same number of certificated positions, but it is unlikely to increase the number in 4th and 5th grade classes. - No mitigation is expected. - For 4th and 5th grade, 5 teachers are needed next year while 7 teachers are at school. Any ideas are solicited. - No counselor is allocated to JSIS for the coming year. - The budget could change due to legislature - Not too late to recruit students in upper grades? Promoting JSIS, not specifically upper grade students is suggested. - The increase in the number of kindergarten classes can be announced to a larger community. 4. IA/Interns - Sarah shared the process with the BLT members that the survey was sent to the staff at both JSIS and McDonald. Sarah and Michele concluded three main points from the survey:
    1) having K-1 support,
    2) full time inters are preferable to part time IAs, and
    3) having support in English side. - Sarah also shared the board presentation presented by Dedy and Dan in Spring, 2016 that states JSIS is in the process of reducing the number of IAs, and thus reducing the amount of fund raised by the parents. - It is a more predictable and stable practice. - Parent BLT members asked Sarah to clarify the decision making matrix and parents BLT member’s voting power because the announcement that came from Sarah surprised parents. Sarah clarified that the decision doesn’t require the parents vote. Sarah’s proposal is sent to the annual fund committee and it is up to the committee/parents how the Sarah’s proposal is met. - The parents expressed that the BLT parents should have been presented with the plan before the final plan was sent to the greater parent community. - A concern about reducing the number of IAs that might affect the future candidates for immersion teachers was expressed. - Sarah reminded that a lot of money is still asked from families. Public schools should be open to everybody. Sarah heard that some families won’t consider JSIS because of the fund asked to pay. - A half time English teacher position was decided because the current IAs are not likely to be allowed to change to an English class support. - Questions about interns are exchanged. *Extra housings- Sarah contacted the current coordinators and confirmed that it would be hard but doable by recruiting families earlier including alumni families. *The idea of giving compensations for families is proposed. *Qualification and level of expertise among interns : Sarah expressed her intention of more involvement in the intern screening process to make sure to have highly qualified interns. *Collaboration between two schools to have enough interns is proposed. * Amity and ISEC have been used. Participants in Amity are more from Spain. * Need of a committee to coordinate the inter screening process and the search of host families is suggested but no further discussion was made.
    4. Annual Fund - The committee decided to consolidate the annual fund and PTSA. - It will be from March 13th to March 24th. - On January 25th at 6:30pm in the library, the open house will be held to find out parents opinions regarding the priority of the fund:

    1. Staff,

     2. Afterschool and summer language enrichment program,

    3. Half-time counselor, and

    4. Technology update. - Funding for after school enrichment programs were questioned as the survey shows the parents are willing to pay $15 and more. - Several members expressed that the priority changes to
    1. Staff
    2. Counselor,
    3 Technology update, and
    4. Enrichment. - Annual fund policy might be shifting but historically the purpose of annual fund is to support language program. - Scholarships for afterschool program can come from other sources such as garage sale, progressive dinner, which the school used to hold.

    Meeting adjourned at 4:05pm