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    BLT Notes: March 14, 2017 Agenda:
     1. Budget update
     2. Elections/Terms
     3. Language survey results and next steps
     4. Assessment question

    1. Elections/Terms for BLT 2017-18: New members are needed to fill open positions (some members will leave at the end of the 2- year terms) Sarah will place notices in E-news and check on by-laws regarding positions, voting and filling positions Voting will take place spring 2017 2. Budget Updates: -Staff recommended Budget Scenario B which includes a mixed grade-level class on the immersion side. -Sarah has decided to eliminate the mixed grade-level class. She will use the money from PTSA/Annual Fund that was set aside for the summer collaboration and curriculum work. Instead of funding summer collaboration, the money will be used to staff a .5FTE immersion teacher and eliminate the need for a mixed grade-level immersion classroom. -JSIS will lose two teachers on the English side. Grades 3/4/5 will have larger class sizes on the English side of the day due to the loss of the two teachers. -All these budget decisions are based on the current budget numbers and student enrollment projections. Possible impacts to the budget over the next months: Annual Fund outcomes, WA state legislature budget action/inaction, reinstated Levy Cliff money, changes in enrollment numbers. 3. Language Survey regarding after school immersion language enrichment opportunities: BLT will continue to explore different ways to create after school immersion opportunities. -Hiromi will call Yugakusha and talk with IA’s -Maria B. will talk to IA’s -Stacy (ASA) will look into more options 4. Assessment Question moved to next BLT meeting