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    BLT 12/13/16

    Present: Hiromi Pingry Stacie Youngblood Heidi Wrightsman Katie Raschko Sarah Jones Brett Kingsbury Elizabeth Brace Naomi Saavedra Erica Bigelow Meeting was called to order at 2:25 pm 1. SARAH would like to meet once monthly during PCP time as a way to update MTSS, look at data, talk about kids who need support, and assess how well our current interventions are working. Met at the beginning of the year, looked at fall data -

    SARAH would like updates, to make sure kids don't "fall through the cracks" Most teachers have at least 1 PCP each week with their co-teacher - SARAH would prefer to meet during that time, to get a complete picture of student performance and focus on those students with the whole "team" at once. MTSS team probably could not attend, since these would be during the school day, but perhaps a substitute could be provided periodically. One idea proposed was to have all of the meetings on the same day, but that would not have every teacher meeting with their co-teacher. Another option is to have all meetings within the same week, and SARAH would share information with the MTSS team. Meeting with specialists could happen after meeting with classroom teachers, so any interventions proposed or planned could be shared with specialists.

    1. Affinity Group Meetings How do we make every family feel welcome, engaged, and part of the community? Parents would like places/opportunities for student to practice their Spanish/Japanese ASA asked if there was an interest in a language class - no interest in the past This could potentially be run by parents or interns, might have a less academic focus than language tutoring There is a group "Sponge" that runs a similar group at other immersion schools Need to collect information on interest, potential cost Need to collect information re: liability -HIROMI might be interested in leading a mixed-age LSA-based reading group -Ask Maria Ling for feedback/input future BLT meeting? HIROMI will talk to Maria Ling about her idea for a reading group We will talk to Maria Ling at a future meeting AFTER gauging parent interest and fleshing out this activity. -Would still need to find a non-LSA option, for kids not enrolled in after-school care. -Firefly tutoring has offered summer camps, might be able to offer a leader/administrator for this type of program -HEIDI will forward information on after-school Zumba and language classes Japanese -Could stagger ASA offerings, One group 2:05-3:20, 2nd group 3:30-4:45? **TO-DO:** Draft a survey to the school community, collecting ideas and interest level in this type of activity. Also collect information on parents who are interested in leading this. Include both free and paid options in survey **TO-DO:** Reach out to UW students for volunteers who might be able to lead Held language-focused affinity groups meetings -over 20 families at Japanese meeting -4 families at Spanish meeting -Goal to have more frequent meetings: monthly?

    1. Budget Update "Levy Cliff" - facing a $74 million shortfall (~10% of total SPS budget) State has been underfunding schools for years SPS is required to have a balanced budget, so has to plan for worst-case scenario until funding is provided (may not be until June 2017) -Option schools will return to 26 students in K-3 classrooms (still 28 4-5) -SPS planning to reject "McCleary" $, will ultimately save money -JSIS will be promoting 4 5th grade classes to middle school, and only taking in 3 Kindergarten classes -SARAH is meeting with enrollment later this month -asking about possibility of 4 kindergartens -even taking over LSA spaces, would only work for 3 years - not a long-term solution -Possibly coordinating with McDonald to equalize numbers of language classes at each grade level - SARAH is talking with Michelle at McDonald What might cuts look like at JSIS Counselors (we pay for ours out of other $, but that pot might not exist) Librarians Assistant Principals (don't currently have) No new reading adoption Class size back to 26 across SPS (not just option schools)

     1. International Schools Task Force -How to improve Hamilton IMS program (esp. Japanese) -Look at path from Concord->Denny->Chief Sealth -South region (Beacon Hill, Dearborn Park, Mercer) currently without a high school in the pathway Next meeting: Tuesday, Jan 17th Meeting adjourned at 3:32 pm