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    Move-A-Thon Donations & Pledge Forms
    Posted on 10/13/2017

    Donating Made Easy!

    ​The PTSA plays a critical role in the experiences and opportunities your child will have while a student at John Stanford International School.  The PTSA only works, however, if it is funded, and that funding comes from you the parent.

    To make things easy, there are a number of options to choose from to send in your pledge funds.

    Cash Or Check

    Send in your cash or check, along with the pledge sheet, through any of these methods:

    • Drop it in the "Move-a-Thon" bin in the mail room (after the event)
    • Send it with your child’s homework (make sure it is in an envelope labeled "Move-a-Thon")

    Mail or Drop off:

    John Thoni 
    4315 Corliss Ave N 
    Seattle, WA 98103 

    PayPal Donate

    You also have the option of paying via PayPal.  Simply click on the button at the bottom of this page.To ensure that the funds are credited to the correct student / class (for prizes), please note this link on the payment confirmation page (i.e. it won't be on the first screen where you fill out your CC info):

    Click the text to expand, and enter the student name(s):

    This option will be after the "Review Donation and Continue" button

    Look for it on the page with the "Donate $xxx USD Now" button.

    Click the button below to donate.

    (Note that PayPal deducts a 3.5% service charge)


    Pledge Forms

    If you need pledge forms you can find them here.