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    At John Stanford International School, environmental stewardship is an important aspect of our mission to raise responsible and caring global citizens.  We have formed a student environmental stewardship leadership team aptly named The Green Team.

    The JSIS Green Team's mission is to integrate environmental sustainability into all activities at JSIS by practicing waste reduction, resource conservation, and other "green" activities. We help and encourage JSIS students, teachers, and staff to become environmental stewards at school, at home, and in the larger community.

    The Green Team is led by Ms. Nani, 5th Grade English teacher. Other Green Team members are Señorita Maria and the 4th and 5th grade students.

    Volunteer Opportunities Available!

    Part of student engagement in recycling and composting is reducing waste at lunchtime. This includes teaching students to separate their waste and to make choices that reduce the amount of trash.

    We need adult volunteers to help students (especially K and 1st) learn to separate their waste at lunchtime. Please sign up to assist in the first few months of the school year.

    Optional volunteer training is available either before school or during Friday parent coffee hour. Please contact Janel London to coordinate a 10 minute training.

    Students, teachers or staff, please contact Ms. Nani.

    JSIS Sustainability Mission
    JSIS PTSA and the Green Team challenges students and the JSIS community to create a sustainable school, neighborhood and region through educational experiences that transform our school environment with lasting change.

    JSIS Sustainability Vision
    JSIS will teach, model, and practice environmental sustainability, serving as a center for change throughout our neighborhoods, communities, and the region.

    WA Green Schools current status
    Currently, we are a Gold certified school under the WA Green Schools program. This means we have achieved certification in 4 of 6 environmental categories. Our certifications include the following:
    1. Waste Reduction - in 2010/2011 JSIS implemented a robust recycling and composting system throughout the school--this requires annual training of new students and participation by all students, staff, and school visitors.

      Lunchtime volunteers to help K-3rd grade learn how to separate lunch waste at the start of the school year is a key component to the success of this effort.

    2. Energy - JSIS replaced appliances with more energy efficient models back in 2012/2013. We also committed to ongoing participation at the school in turning lights off when not in use, and closing doors/windows when the temperature cools--this requires ongoing support by the whole school community.

    3. Water - lasting change (being researched)

    4. Transportation - JSIS was certified in 2015 for implementing safe transportation routes around the school and encouraging alternative modes to school that encourage healthy and safe habits. We are committed to ongoing efforts to remind our families of alternative modes and celebrate those choices.

      Our monthly celebrations of walkers, bikers, and self-propellers is a way to keep the focus strong and remind our families that we value these healthy and safe options. Volunteers to help plan treats/prizes and pass them out at the morning events is critical to the success of this program.

    WA Green Schools future initiatives.
    The remaining areas of environmental sustainability for JSIS to tackle include: (a) healthy school buildings, and (b) school grounds & gardens. We welcome volunteers interested in helping us pursue these certifications.

    Healthy School Buildings (description tbd)

    School Grounds & Gardens (description tbd)

    Other sustainability projects, resource needs, etc.
    Food & lunchtime waste reduction - We'd like to initiate a monthly theme around food waste reduction and further reduction of our non-compostable/non-recyclable waste at lunch. If you have ideas to share or would like to get involved, please contact Ms. Nani or Janel. Composting & Recycling in the Lunchroom

    Sustainability/Environmental Stewardship Webpage - looking to update this page of the website with a broader description of all the things that we do as a community to support sustainability. Any help with identifying content and putting some structure to it would be greatly appreciated.

    Worm bins - We are looking for volunteers to help revive the worm bins located adjacent to the Kindergarten playground. Additionally, we'd like to establish a food collection and depositing system, and conduct a Worm Bins 101 course for the Green Team.

    JSIS logowear/logo-gear - over the 6+ years, the logowear/logo-gear committee has sought to sell gear that is the most sustainable we can find: water bottles to reduce plastic water bottle waste, organic cotton t-shirts & bags, reusies, etc. purchased from local companies.

    All PTSA-sponsored activities - just a reminder to keep sustainability in mind when planning, and feel free to inquire with Green Team, Ms. Nani, of Janel for ideas and support.

    Community Involvement
    Tips for Greener Living