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    December Library News Books of 2019

    What are the best children’s books of 2019?  Check out the following recommended titles for all ages:

    Center for The Study of Multicultural Literature’s Best Books of 2019

    Reading Rockets 2019 book list for all ages

    School Library Journal Best Books of 2019

    New York Times 25 Best Children’s Books 2019

    Global Reading Challenge2016 Global Reading Challenge

    Every year, 4th & 5th graders across the city can volunteer to participate in a battle of the books program coordinated by the Seattle Public Library.  This year, 91 students volunteered. Students work in teams of seven to read the ten multicultural books selected for this year’s GRC.  Congratulations to the following students:

    Team Potato Cotton Candy Squad:  Willa, Fina, Kota, Carter, Jana, Spencer

    Team Random Reading Rabbits:  Giula, Annike, Ami, Alder, Daniel, Jayson, Olivia

    Team Visco Rock’n Roll Cats:  Isla, Landon, Ella, Milo, Elissa, Momo, Ellie

    Team Liberty Readers:  Siggy, Finn, Mara, Beckett, Maeve, Oakley, Gracie

    Team Fishy Bagles:  Reef, Marcela, Vivien, Kyle, Beatrix, Jesus, Clive

    Team Goosmic:  Gavin, Sadie, Oto, Inigo, Olive, Charlotte, Mira

    Team Too Many Turtles:  Eli, Jack, Lulu, Rowan, Fred, Elsie, Reina

    Team Inchworms:  Joselyn, Jack, Audrey, Bea, Paris, Elena, Duncan

    Team HAK SNAK:  Nell, Kai, Sara, Kate, Aidan, Anthony, Hazel

    Team Booyakashas:  Cormac, Simon, Chloe, Ren, Eloise, Greta, Anna

    Team Book Farmers:  Zadie, Lucia, Tristan, Kinslee, Sarah, Lucas, Andie

    Team Thunder Books:  Mohini, Coco, Georgia, Natalia, Luke, Sebastian, Caleb

    Team Bandits:  Kiran, Bradley, Loie, Gibbie, Nora, Ishan, Nina

    The GRC in-school challenge will take place in the JSIS cafeteria:  Tuesday, February 11, 2020More information about the Global Reading Challenge and to find out this year’s list of 10 books, can be found at:

    Elementary School and Public Library Online Resources

    Your child has access to many free, educational online resources such as audio books,encyclopedias, digital picture books, etc.  Please follow these steps to access from home:

    Seattle Public School logo

    1. Open Browser/Chrome to  

    2. Select the Students tab and scroll down to Student Portal.  

    3. Select Log in with Active Directory.  

    4. 2nd-5th graders, enter their unique username with and password  

    5. Click Sign In.

    6. K-1st graders (or if unique username doesn’t work), students enter the following generic info:

    username: studentsps password: access


    Hour of Code:

    Over the winter vacation, a fun coding website for your child to explore is  The goal of is to expose students, especially girls, to the field of computer science.   Although not required, students can create an account (no cost) which will save their progress from session to session.  

    Wishing you and your children a fabulous holiday vacation together.

    As always, Happy Reading!

    ~Ms. Kathleen

    JSIS Librarian