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      The next science fair will take place on Thursday, March 30, 2017

    The goal of the John Stanford Science Fair is to develop the students' skills in investigation and communication when it comes to science. Students will actively be involved in designing a question,developing a hypothesis, conducting an investigation, observing processes, gathering data, tabulating results and expressing a conclusion about a project.

    Judges are recruited from the scientific community: academia, non-profit research laboratories and the private sector. Families will be invited to see the science displays and meet the junior scientists for a Family Celebration of Science. 

    The object of the science fair is for students to learn the scientific method in a fun, non-competitive, confidence-building way. 

     Students learn to:
         brainstorm ideas and come up with questions
         formulate a prediction
         test predictions through investigation, observation, and research
         come up with conclusions based on results
         display their work in a compelling way, and
         present to a judge

    How does the Science Fair work?

    Science project related activities begin after winter break and continue through March. The fair is traditionally held in early April. Students will be introduced to topics in the classroom, but are expected to do the project at home. Mentoring occurs at school at major milestones of the project.

    While our primary goal is to show students that science is fun, our secondary goal is to tap into and engage our rich pool of local scientists. Parents and professionals volunteer to judge the fair. Student presentations to judges and judge feedback are hallmarks of our fair.

    It’s this combination of hands-on investigation and interaction with science mentors and judges that engages the young scientists’ minds and will hopefully keep them coming back to science.

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    Photos from the 2014 Science Fair
    Don’t take our word for it. We asked students what they liked most or were most proud of about the science fair. They responded:

    Science is crazy and fun!

    Before I was like, “Scientific method, uh-oh.” Now, I’m like, “It’s easy!  Just make a prediction and test it.”

    I got to do a cool experiment!

    A real scientist in a lab coat came and talked to me.

    I forgot I was nervous and presented to the judge.

    My ribbon and my certificate!

    It didn’t turn out like I predicted, but the judge said it was still good. Like in that movie ‘Meet the Robinsons.’  When Louis fails they all cheer because… “From failure you learn. From success, not so much.”

    I figured it out myself, just like a scientist.

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