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    Si ustedes tienen alguna pregunta acerca de la traducción, por favor pueden ponerse en contacto con la maestra de su niño/a o con Ms. Nina Machuca, ELL IA, (252-6080), para ayuda inmediata.

    連絡事項について、ご質問及び翻訳の必要がございましたら、日本語の担任または、春美チャペル先生ELL IA (252-6080) までご連絡ください。 


    Dear Families,

    The final days of the 17-18 school year have come and gone, staff has finished all of their final tasks, and I am sitting, quietly, uninterrupted, in my office.  This opportunity gives me a moment to reflect, while trying not to be too excited about next year already!  During this year, we had some wonderful moments of community through events like the Balloon Drop, 5th grade Camp, Ice Skating and the BBQ, just to name a few.  I also loved seeing students from both languages invited and attending Japan Night and La Fiesta; both events really brought our entire community together!  I am also proud of our staff and students for embracing our work with RULER (you may have seen the Mood Meter or other tools) and our character traits.  This year, we added schoolwide climate activities where we challenged students in groups, which represented multi-ages and both languages, to construct spaghetti and marshmallow towers as tall as they could or to build catapults and launch them across the gym!  


    I hope you take time with your family this summer to read, relax and have fun!  If you are looking for something to do this summer, I would like to share one suggestion.  As many of you know, the city built a sanctioned encampment called Nickelsville Northlake (3814 NE 4th Ave) in Wallingford.  I was asked, along with several other community members to form a Citizen’s Advisory Council.  I am honored to be a part of this council and represent JSIS because I believe that partnerships such as this can lead to opportunities for collaboration between our school and the larger community.  Currently, there are 22 residents living in Nickelsville Northlake’s tiny homes.  At our first meeting, some of the residents shared a few of their needs.  One of those is meals.  If you and your family would like to deliver a meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner), here are the steps:


    Although you will hear much more in the fall, I wanted to give you a few previews…


    First, if you were here for field day, you know the communication was not entirely successful.  In the fall, I will introduce an opt-in opportunity for families to receive text alerts from the school.  For example, I know that many people while they are at work may not check their email, but most people see texts pop up.  If we had had an app like this for field day, I would have been able to send a quick text about changes and updates.  This will also allow for a few reminders the night before, for example: picture day tomorrow.  As I mentioned, this will be an opt-in option and I will provide much more information in the fall.


    Second, we will have five schoolwide climate activities, with the June activity being Young Author’s Day.  We will be looking for some parents to assist staff during these activities throughout the year.  In the fall we will send the dates and more information.  If your child enjoyed the marshmallow/spaghetti challenge or the catapult challenge, you might consider volunteering, if your schedule allows.  We are also always looking for ideas for our climate activities, so if you have any, please feel free to send them to me!


    Third, we will welcome several new staff members.  You will receive your child’s teacher assignment information on Friday, August 31 via email.  I am also excited that some of our teachers will be teaching for half of the day and working on curriculum, assessment, literacy and all of the behind the scenes work it takes to have such an incredible program for the other half of the day. With your child’s class placement information, I will share the changes in staff.  Many of you may know that I was gone for a week in April representing SPS and Washington State in Madrid, Spain.  The reason for my trip was to interview teachers who were interested in becoming visiting teachers.  I am excited to announce that John Stanford will welcome one of these visiting teachers for the 2018-19 school year.  Unfortunately, for all you curious minds, that is the only staffing preview I am sharing before August.


    Fourth, each fall we collect money and purchase all of your child’s school supplies. This enables us to buy in bulk and save you time and money.  It also ensures that all children have all the supplies they need, and teachers can restock and resupply their classrooms throughout the year without requesting more funds or materials from families.  I want to let you know that the cost for each child will be going up in the fall, we estimate that the final cost will be about $60.  I know this is a huge increase, but the main reason for the increase is that we are including the $10 per child for their classroom magazine subscription.  In the past, families were asked to pay this fee separately, and we are trying to combine and make it easier for families to just pay one fee.  In addition, in the fall, you will receive a note about the other supplies we are including which have contributed to the increase, but as a preview, we are including some safety supplies and other supplies that teachers have requested and have paid for themselves in the past.  


    Fifth, in the fall you will see several changes in our PCP schedule.  PCP is the time that your child goes to PE, Music and Library.  The PCP schedule at JSIS is very complicated because we also have to take into consideration the instructional minutes in each language to ensure that they are equal.  We also recognize the benefits of intermixing students between languages.  Although, ideally this might happen during their English instruction, for the 18-19 school year, we have made it a priority to intermix students during PCP.  This added a bit of extra complication, and required a lot of out of the box thinking!  Your student will continue to receive PE, Music and Library weekly, however, next year  the time and structure will be a bit different.  Also, we have some special plans on Wednesdays, including a PCP taught by our counselor, Mr. Michael and a PCP taught by me!  I love teaching and I am so excited!  We will share all the final details with you in the fall!


    Sixth, next year we will return to three lunches, which will enable us to have smaller lunches and recesses. The flip side is that our kindergarteners will receive music in the LSA classroom since the cafeteria is used for a larger portion of the day.   In addition, classroom teachers who know the students best will be spending some time in the cafeteria and on the playground.  In order to accommodate staff lunches, the students will have a few extra minutes for recess.  We think all of these changes will be positive for students!  Also, students’ morning recess will also be divided into thirds: kindergarten and first grade, second and third grade, and fourth and fifth grade.  If you are interested in volunteering on a consistent basis during either lunch or recess, please let me know.








    Sarah Jones

    Principal, John Stanford International School

    4057 5th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA 98105

    twitter: @jsisprincipal

    Office: 206.252.6080

    Fax: 206.252.6081