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    Take the Global Reading Challenge
    Posted on 01/30/2018
    Global Reading Challenge 2018

    Global Reading Challenge

    Each year, JSIS 4th and 5th volunteer to participate in a city-wide battle of the books sponsored by the Seattle Public Library called the Global Reading Challenge.  84 students volunteered to take on this extra reading challenge this year.  Since October, students have worked in teams to read and discuss the ten GRC titles.  The teams are mixed grade levels with students from both Japanese and Spanish classes.  In addition to reading diverse books, the GRC allows students to meet and get to know others outside of their assigned classrooms.  Congratulations to the following students:


    Reading Narwhales:  Ariadna, Teya, Neto, Isabel Z., Sasha, Suriya, Dorian

    The Page Flippers:  Svea, Mireya, Arya, Simone, Maya, Keshav, Will

    The Reigning Stars:  Stella, Maya J., Tristan, Imani, Nico, Guy, Karina

    The Exploding Ninja Hamsters:  Caitlyn W., Juliet, Evy, Diego, Alex, Ylana, Hannah U.

    VIR (Very Important Readers):  Forrest, Claire S., Elijah, Shae, Zella, Akio, Sam W.

    The Book Worms:  Ana Elisa, Marcus, Kana, Maddy, Tilda, Matteus, Taiju

    The Aqua Marines:  Zach, Coby, Glafira, Fiona, Katleya, Sam D., Orin

    Diabolical Pickles:  Jaspar, Henrik, Maggy, Charlotte L., Noah, Olaf, Mira

    The Reading Bananas:  Josie, Ivy, Carter, Charlotte K., Wes, Joquim, Elise

    The Shrimp:  Henry, Kouske, Ava, Elanor, Adelaide, Elliott, Kaito

    The Booknados:  Addisen, Teagan, Jack, Nick, Spencer, London, Cora

    The Ninja Penguins:  Mara, Claire E., Tyler, Ash, Peter, Laurel, Mikah



    On February 15th from 1:00-2:15 pm, the in-school GRC is scheduled in the JSIS cafeteria.  All 12 teams will work together to answer questions from the GRC books.  Parents are welcome to attend this fun event.  One team will advance to the city semi-finals in March.  Learn more about the GRC or check out this year’s 10 diverse chapter book titles: