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    Communication Pathways
    • The Source (aka Power School)--This is the Seattle Public School (SPS) system that has your child's classroom assignment(s) and standardized test scores. At least one person in your family needs to sign-up for this after the first day of school.

    • E-News--This is a weekly electronic newsletter sponsored by the PTSA and run by parent volunteers. It will be sent to the email addresses that the PTSA has for your family. These emails contain community information as well as information about school happenings.

    • School Website--The school website is considered a SPS website, but it is run by group parent volunteers. It houses forms, links, event information, pictures, the district calendar and our school's calendar. Some information on the school calendar is populated at the district level, other events are entered by us. You can receive an ical feed from our calendar, opt-in to receive a reminder of a specific event, or opt-in to receive a notification of all events (click on an event to see the options). All-school announcements are posted frequently on the home page and are typically referenced in the E-News.

    • Room Representative Emails--Each class has one or two volunteers organized by the PTA who help distribute information that is typically specific to your child's class.

    • Teacher Emails-Some teachers prefer to email their class families directly.

    How to get something on the website, in E-News, or to Room Reps
    To have something posted to the website, please email Be sure to include your prepared text as well as a brief 1-2 sentence explanatory leader that will show on the News page.

    To have something passed along for distribution by Room Reps, please email

    To get something in E-News, please email