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Safety Patrol

History, Responsibilities of Safety Patrol In Schools
The school safety patrol program was developed by the legislature in the 1920’s to assist students in crossing the streets near their school.  President Jimmy Carter noted that being a member of the safety patrol was the proudest moment in his life. Participation in the school safety patrol provides students with training and an experience in good citizenship.  Serving
as a safety patrol member is a big responsibility.  Other kids are counting on the patrol to be there and help them. Patrol members are expected to arrive early to school, be on time to their post, focus their attention on the task, and remain on duty for their full shift (9:05 - 9:20 am and/or 3:30 - 3:45 pm). Safety patrol members are a part of a team.  Members must work together.  Their duty is to help students cross the street not to direct traffic.

  Requirements to Become a Safety Patrol Member

Student patrol members be in the 3rd grade, responsible, mature enough to take the position seriously, serve voluntarily,
and turn in an application and permission form signed by their parents. Students are responsible for taking the application and permission forms to their parents and returning them to Ms. Maria Perez in the school office. Students are also
required to have a vision and hearing test by Nurse Ha. In most schools, students are tested annually and the results
are on file. It is important for their own safety that their hearing and vision abilities be appropriate to the responsibility.

Safety Gear is a Very Important Part of Being a Patrol Member   
Wearing Safety Patrol gear is part of your role as a Safety Patrol member. You must take good care of the gear. Anyone
who intentionally damages his/her patrol gear will be removed from duty and will not share in whatever rewards are
offered to members of the student patrol. You must wear your gear when you are assigned to do patrol. You need one
of each of the following:

  • Helmet
  • Fluorescent Vest
  • Stop Flag 
  • Whistle
  • Cone (2x2 Only)
  • No Parking Sign (Parking Lot Position only)

We Appreciate Our Safety Patrol Members!

Our patrol members are out there during rain, sleet, and snow. To show our appreciation for all their hard work we have a mid-year party and an end of the year trip to Wild Waves Theme Park. Students with less than 90% patrol duty attendance will not be allowed to go on the field trip.

  • For more information about Safety Patrol contact:  Maria Perez
  • Current Schedules:
            5/26 - 6/6 2014 
            Training Schedule 5/26 - 6/6 2014
            Training Schedule 6/9 - 6/19 2014

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