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June 15th 2012 marked JSIS's first Day of Action.  Leading up to the event, students learned about global water
issues – in particular, how many families across the globe do not have access to clean water.  Every class
participated in a Walk for Water by carrying a gallon or two of water around the playground for 30 minutes. 
The Walk for Water simulation raised students awareness about how difficult it is for many millions of
children and women who spend their days carrying water to and from their homes.  Thank you to the
families and children who donated money to Water 1st International.  We raised $707 which is enough
money to build a clean water well for over 500 individuals in Africa.  Ms. Kathleen shared this email from
Water 1st with the students at our end of school assembly:


Thank you to everyone at JSIS who invested their
time and hearts into this effort! What a great result
for people who need access to water and toilets. Projects
happen because people like you take action and raise
the funds needed. Many, many good projects need funds, particularly at schools, so we feel very fortunate that
you have taken time out of your own fundraising to
work for the needs of people halfway around the world.
It tells me you are generous and giving people.

Thank you!

Kirk Anderson
~Water 1st International

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