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Policies and Procedures

Bell Schedule:
9:10am - Playground supervision begins
9:25am - Warning bell
9:30am - Class starts (second bell)
3:35pm - Kindergarten
3:40pm - 1st - 5th grade dismissal grade dismissal
4:00pm - School Office Closes

Bus Transportation:
The first days of riding the school bus can be very exciting for young students and their parents. Our drivers are
committed to ensuring that children arrive at their destinations safely, and they spend the first few weeks of school
getting to know the names and faces of students on their bus. But we need your help in ensuring that your children
become famliar with the bus they are supposed to ride and which bus stop they are supposed to use. Click HERE
for more hints to help you and your student adjust to riding the school bus in the afternoon. Remember your child's transportation has been established using the Home or Alternate/Daycare address on record. To request service
from a different address THIS FORM must be completed every year.

Late Policy and Absences: 
If your student is going to be late or absent please contact the school office (252-6082)  or to let us know. If it's the night before, you can leave a message. If your child arrives after 9:30am they must sign in at the office and take an admittance slip to class. Doing homework, traffic, oversleeping are not excused. At the end of the day, we cannot supervise students still inside school or on the grounds after 4pm. The office closes at 4pm.

Medication(s) at School:
State or federal law requires that a Medication Authorization Form must be completed and signed by both
parent/guardian and a licensed health care provider with prescriptive authority for ALL medications to be given at
school, including over-the-counter (OTC) medications.  This form needs to be renewed at the beginning of
each school year.
Students are not allowed to carry any medications whatsoever, including
over-the-counter meds such as Tylenol, ibuprofen, allergy medication, cough drops. If they ever need to take
medications during the school day the medicine must come to school in the prescription container with their name
and dose instructions. Medications should be brought directly to the office and/or school nurse.

Parking Near the School:

Please be advised that Seattle Parking Enforcement Officers are diligently policing the area and issuing citations
for parking infractions.   Parking around JSIS is always difficult and if you park in the wrong area you'll find a nice
ticket on your windshield.  If you do need to drive to school please give yourself some extra time to find an appropriate parking spot to avoid getting a ticket.

Common parking mistakes:
  • Parking on a hill without turning your wheels to the curb.  
  • Parking in the bus lanes
  • Parking against traffic.  Always park your car in the same direction as the other cars on the block.
  • Permit Parking Zones - illegal to park in Residential Parking Zone without permit
  • Crosswalks- illegal and impoundable whether marked or not
  • It is also illegal to park within 20 feet of a crosswalk
  • Sidewalks- illegal and impoundable to park on or across (paved or unpaved)
  • Driveways- illegal and impoundable (if driveway is usable). It is also illegal to park within 5 feet 
  • Planting Strips- illegal (impoundable if a traffic hazard) 
  • Fire hydrants - illegal to park in front of fire hydrants or in fire lane. 
  • Load zones - illegal to park in Drop off/pickup zones except for specified times.  Do not leave vehicle unattended.
Please reference this traffic plan and MAP for the suggested traffic flow and drop off/parking areas.

After-School Plan(s): 
Ensure that your child and his/her afternoon teacher both know the daily after school plan = bus + bus number,
or not taking a bus.  Find your child’s teacher’s email on the
Staff Page. If your child is going home after school
with a different family please call the office the day before to update us with the parent/guardian's name and the
name of the friend.  If your child is taking a different bus than usual, a written note must be brought to the office so
that a Green Card can be drawn up for the bus driver, designating with whom they are let off the bus. See more bus information under Helpful Links, column to the right, this page.
Same day changes must be CALLED into the office
by 2PM and you will be required send an email because we require written notification for all change of plans.


Rainy Day Schedule

If administration declares it a "rainy day", morning student drop-offs should be in the following locations:







2nd-3rd Classroom Gym







During Lunch:

  • After students eat lunch, lunchroom and recess monitors will escort each grade to their classrooms during their scheduled recess time.
  • Recess monitors remain in the grade band hallway.
  • Lunch monitors return to lunroom to complete duty.

During AM/PM Recess:

  • Students remain in classrooms.
  • Teaching teams assist one another with break needs, such as restroom or snacks.

Visit the Seattle Public Schools Truancy Department web page to read the Compulsory Attendance Letter
and for more information on excused and unexcused absences. 

Excused Absences - Unplanned:
When your child's personal illness or injury, or the illness, injury or death of a family member, prevents your
child from attending school, and you notify the school within 48 hours of the absence. Some schools require
that you notify them in writing about your child's absence The school may require a note from your child's
doctor if your child is absent due to illness or injury for an excessive number of days (10 or more in the quarter) before excusing those absences.

Excused Absence - Planned:

Please let the attendance office know at least three school days before the start of the planned absence, usually for a doctor or dentist appointment, religious holiday, an educational activity,  or other special one-time event of a day or two. The school may require your child to complete missed assignments and/or make other academic arrangements in lieu of missed work. Family vacations of any duration may not be considered excused absences. The school principal has the final say on whether your planned absence will be excused.

Absences due to disciplinary actions such as suspensions of your child are excused on District attendance

Unexcused Absences:

All other absences are considered unexcused, including absences caused by the student or parent
oversleeping, student missing the bus, transportation problems, student needed for babysitting, not
attending while on a wait list for another school assignment, student or parent conflicts with school staff,
student job requirements, religious instruction, etc.

As a parent/guardian of a pre-kindergarten student, an elementary student, or a middle school student you have the
right to choose between 2 options on whether directory infomration concerning your student is released or not. 
Click HERE for more information about the Seattle Public Schools (SPS) Notification of Rights Under the Family
Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Opt-Out Form.

Use of the Seattle Public Schools (SPS) Internet Service:
SPS makes available to students access to computers and the Internet. Through the Internet students may have
access to databases, web sites, and sometimes email. Students might also publish online. Students are expected
to use computers and the Internet responsibly and for school related purposes only.  Click HERE for more information about the SPS Network Rules and Agreement Form.

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