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Environmental Stewardship

hip (noun): the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care 

The Green Team

At John Stanford International School, environmental stewardship is an important aspect of our mission to raise responsible and caring global citizens.  We are a Level 3 Washington Green School. This certification is a result of engaging students and the community in sustainable practices (recycyling, composting, energy and water conservation).

We teach our students to respect and appreciate the environment and that we must do our part to use the earth's resources responsibly.  As a result, our students, staff and families are taking significant steps to learn more about how we can better care for our environment and planet. We always encourage walking or biking to school. We encourage reuse and recycling of electronics and other household items such as holiday cards and calendars.  We also support a lunch room composting and recycling program which reduced the school's total garbage expense by over 50%.  Garbage dumpster pickup went from once a week to every other week.  Cafeteria garbage was reduced by >95% by weight!  

We have also formed a student environmental stewardship leadership team aptly named The Green Team. 

The JSIS Green Team's mission is to integrate environmental sustainability into all activities at JSIS by practicing waste reduction, resource conservation, and other "green" activities.  We help and encourage JSIS students, teachers, and staff to become environmental stewards at school, at home, and in the larger community.
The Green Team is led by Ms. Nani, 5th Grade English teacher.  Other Green Team members are Señorita Priscilla, Señorita Maria, and the 4th and 5th grade students. 

Barb Burrill, a former Green Team leader:  "I'm convinced that sustainability is best taught to children, as they are still optimistic and enthusiastic about what each one of us can do to help the earth.  They really want to do the right thing.  Practicing sustainability is often a hands-on activity, which kids enjoy, plus they're happy to offer their own ideas for making every day processes work better.  And - most kids like geting their hands dirty."

Volunteer Opportunities Available!

Part of student engagement in recycling and composting is reducing waste at lunchtime. This includes teaching students to separate their waste and to make choices that reduce the amount of trash.

We need adult volunteers to help students (especially K and 1st) learn to separate their waste at lunchtime. Please sign up to assist in the first few months of the school year. The most critical time for volunteers is 11:20-12:20.

Lunch times:
  • 2nd & 3rd grade: 11:15-11:35
  • K & 1st grade: 11:50-12:10
  • 4th & 5th grade: 12:25 - 12:45

Optional volunteer training is available either before school or during Friday parent coffee hour. Please contact Janel London to coordinate a 10 minute training.

Students, teachers or staff, please contact Ms. Nani
Current Projects
 -We also sell ReUsies and John Stanford water bottles throughout the year.
-Look for them and support our school while helping the environment!

Electronic Recycling
- We receive money for every phone, working or not!
- Phones are sent to GRC Wireless Recycling, a Basel Action Network approved E-Steward.

What We're Collecting!

Drop off at receptacles inside NE 42nd entrance:

Calendars (new or used)
    with pictures
Cell phones
Coffee Bags - Foil or Mylar
Holiday Cards

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