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It is the policy of Seattle Public Schools to provide a tobacco free environment for our students and staff. We do this through a strong policy, and several programs aimed at reducing tobacco use among our students.

  • In Washington State, the average smoker tries their first cigarette at age 12. The average chewing tobacco user starts at age 10
  • 75% of our students who try tobacco more than three times will become addicted.

Seattle Public Schools is addressing this problem through a strong anti-tobacco policy and a number of programs.

NEW THIS YEAR: Tobacco Diversion Class will be offered on demand: when you find a student in violation of the policy, simply contact Lisa Sharp to schedule a class.The class can be held on any day and at any building, we are no longer requiring schools to send their students to prescheduled classes.

Tobacco Diversion: It is the policy of Seattle Public Schools to prohibit tobacco use on school property, school transportation, and school events. If students are found in violation of this policy, they must attend an afterschool Tobacco Diversion class—this program is an assistance program, rather than a punishment, for students who violate our policy. The Tobacco Diversion Class Referral form is now available here for your convenience.

Tobacco Cessation: We offer the END Curriculum as a way to help our students quit using tobacco. Like most people who smoke, youth who smoke will need help to quit—and END is a tobacco cessation program designed especially for teens. The program not only builds skills and knowledge concerning tobacco use. It also focuses on developing a wide variety of social skills including communication, stress management, decision-making, goal setting, nutrition and physical activity.

Tobacco Education: We believe that providing a solid education helps prevent all forms of drug abuse, including tobacco. We provide a multitude of education programs that have been proven to be effective. These programs include The Great Body Shop, Project Towards No Drug Abuse, Life Skills Training and as well as many others.

Peer Education: Teens Against Tobacco Use (TATU) is a peer education program in which middle school and high school students are trained to teach about the hazards of tobacco use to elementary school students. A teen TATU facilitator uses hands on activities and plenty of interaction. These youth create their own tobacco prevention presentation for elementary school children--they get to be as creative as they want with posters, raps, skits, videos, game shows, etc.

Parent Education: It is part of our mission to educate parents about the dangers of tobacco use and secondhand smoke. Kids whose parents talk to them about not smoking are less likely to smoke—even if their parents smoke. Informed and effective parenting is a key factor in tobacco prevention in children and youth. This is why we provide parent education through materials and attendance at school events, health fairs, and individual meetings.

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