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WEBSITE MIGRATION NEWS: SPS will be migrating its websites to a new platform, with a launch date of June 1st. Due to contract restrictions, the District has been unable to move this date to the end of the school year, despite concerns about readiness. As a result, SPS has announced that teachers, students, and families will not have access to class pages the last two weeks of schools. They are working on available alternatives to help minimize disruption to schools and note that teachers will be receiving additional communication about options for sharing files and announcements during the last two weeks of school. In the meantime, the JSIS web team is backing up our current site so that we can ensure minimal loss of information. If you or your student use Fusion to store files (unlikely for elementary students), you will need to back those up prior to June 1, or the files will be lost. Calendars will not be migrated, so if you rely on our web calendar, please take note of important dates now. Questions? Please visit the website update page for more information, or contact Darla Rhodes.

Annual Fund  -  
Goal for the 2015-16 school year is to have a Language Assistant in every immersion classroom. 


Safety Patrol Training Postponed
PLEASE NOTE: The Safety Patrol training originally scheduled to start on May 11th will not happen next week due to the lack of applicants and testing. If you have any questions please contact Ms. Maria at 206-252-6080.

Yard Sale to Save the Orcas

You have been invited to an orca yard sale! The students and families of Miss Margie’s morning class are having this yard sale to collect money for orcas. The reason we want to collect money for orcas is because they are endangered. The biggest reason orcas are dying off so quickly is that they don’t have enough salmon in the Puget Sound, and sadly, orcas favorite food is Chinook salmon. And all the money we raise will go to LLTK (Long Live the Kings) organization because they will do the best solution to save orcas, by saving salmon.

The orca yard sale will take place on May 30th at 100 Ave. NE. 42nd St from 1:00-3:00. There will be orca pops (otter pops) & salmonade (lemonade). You will aIso be able to purchase other incredible and amazing things such as furniture, toys, books, utensils, sports equipment, etc. I hope you come!

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Ms. Margie’s 4th grade class’ families


On Monday, June 8th, 2015, 6:30-8:00 p.m. come one and come all to John Stanford International School's sweetest annual event the Ice Cream Social!  From 6:30-7:30 p.m. on the JSIS Playground popsicles and ice cream will be served!  When your sweet tooth has been satisfied, stroll over to the playground for an all school playdate!

Summer Language Camp with Firefly

Summer Language Camp offers a chance for existing students to continue their learning of the immersion language--and for incoming John Stanford students to get a fun introduction to the immersion program. Because of the change in school end date, the camp will now run Wednesday, June 17th-Friday, June 26th. Students who signed up early for the week containing June 16th will be refunded $30 for that date.

For more information contact Firefly Tutoring.

May is Bike-to-School Month!!

Throughout the month of May, students are encouraged to walk, bike or scooter to school and other activities. Prizes or treats will be distributed to all participants each Friday in May. Also, get your name entered into a drawing for one of several "grand" prizes at the end of the month. Each day in May that you choose to walk, bike or scooter to an activity, you can enter the drawing.

Pick up a calendar to keep track of minutes biked in one of three places:

Weekend minutes count! Even biking just once will earn a prize and help count towards our overall school number of participants to earn prizes for the whole school.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found cleared, but the hooks are still full! Why? Because items with names or parts of names are still hanging around waiting to be claimed. Everything else is on the slow train to donation or to the annual JSIS Rummage Sale.
Contact if you're looking for something specific.

JSIS Playground Renovation

JSIS parents and community, it's time to update our aging playground! Even the students have been circulating a petition for an improved playground. Please follow this link to learn more and see where you can provide support to the project over the coming year. Thank you in advance!

Playground Improvement community meeting: June 4th, 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the Cafeteria.
Tour the playground and discuss ideas for improvement. We will be presenting a brief history of the playground improvement and the current set of proposals.
Contact Greg Lewis with questions.

Save the Duwamish River!

Here is the rap that Miss Margie's class wrote, performed and produced about the Duwamish River. They were inspired by Macklemore's support of the Duwamish and his song, "Can't Hold Us"

Can you help us by sharing this with all you know who might be willing to support us:

This is from a 4th grade class in Seattle, Washington. They are petitioning Dow Constantine, King County Executive, to give enough money for the Duwamish River to be clean enough for the tribes and other citizens to be able to fish safely, because the Duwamish River is one of the most polluted rivers in the US and the only river in Seattle.

  1. Would you please sign their petition?
  2. Watch the rap they wrote and performed about the Duwamish River.
  3. Please share this with all YOUR friends! The 24 kids are headed to King County to hold a protest and to deliver their petitions JUNE 2!!

Orca Lip Sync Challenge

"Hello John Stanford families. We are Ms. Margie's 4th grade morning class. We are having a lip sync challenge to save the orcas of the Puget Sound. It is kind of like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. But our challenge is a lip sync challenge. The Orca Lip Sync Challenge is a challenge where you take a video of you lip syncing a song and then post it on Facebook. And if you're a kid, you can post it on your adult's Facebook page (if that's okay with them).

"All you need to do is 3 simple steps to do the #OrcaLipSync:
  1. Record yourself lip syncing to any song
  2. Post your lip sync on Facebook and challenge 5 other people
  3. Send in your $10 donation to Long Live the Kings (if you don't do the challenge you can skip steps 1 and 2, and just donate $30).
"And don't worry, 100% of your money will go to helping the salmon, therefore the orcas.
Do you want to save the Puget Sound orcas? We hope you participate,
Ms. Margie's 4th grade morning class

"Visit our page where you can see our class's lip sync!
and please like our Facebook page."

Here's a short clip of the class lip sync:


Bike To School
(Future Dates: 5/22, 5/29, 6/12)

Please join us for JSIS Walk & Bike to School Days throughout the year. Any day is good for walking and biking, but the following dates will be celebrated with treats for all walkers, bikers, and bus riders. 

If you come by car, ask your driver to park a couple blocks away so you can walk. 

Help us reduce traffic close to school, and you will benefit from the healthy walk or bike ride!

Kick off Bike to school MONTH with national Bike to School Day, Wednesday, May 6th

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