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School-Family Partnerships

Save The Date!
Family Symposium Saturday Oct 25, 2014
Workshops include:
  •     Literacy
  •     Math
  •     Pre-K/K
  •     College and Career Readiness
  •     Transitions to Middle School and High School

Nominations to School-Family Partnerships Advisory Committee are open

Seattle Public Schools is accepting nominations to its School-Family Partnerships Advisory Committee (SFPAC) to the Superintendent. The SFPAC will consist of up to 35 parents/guardians and family members representing the diverse population of the District. To be considered for the SFPAC, those interested should complete and submit the nomination form (below) by Friday, September 19, 2014.
Description and charge
Invitation letter
• Nomination forms (pdf and Word)

At Seattle Public Schools, we recognize that when families are engaged in their children's education they achieve higher grades, have better attendance and behavior, complete more homework, and demonstrate a more positive attitude toward education. We are proud of the diversity of our students and families.  We believe that building meaningful, authentic and culturally-inclusive partnerships with our families and their communities is the best way to ensure our students' success in school, careers and life Families can be involved in many ways.

  • Ask your school's principal how you can get involved in your school's Family Engagement Action Teams (FEAT).
  • Parent-Teacher conferences give families and teachers the opportunity to share information, solve problems, and establish relationships that directly contribute to student success.  Find out how you can make the most of the Parent-Teacher Conference with your child's teacher.
  • Learn about the Source, a tool for communication among teachers, students and their families.
  • Join the School Family Partnerships (SFP) Advisory Committee, which advises the Superintendent on SFP Policy and Procedures.
  • Find out if your school has a PTSA and how you can be involved.
  • We have put together a list of suggestions on how families can help with their children's learning at home and at school, based on the Six Types of Family Engagement

Click on the following links to view the Seattle Public Schools'  Family Engagement Policy, Procedures, and SFP Plan:

Join Shauna Heath (Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction) and Program Managers Kathleen Vasquez (Literacy & Social Studies) and Janet Zombro (Mathematics) as they discuss how to keep learning alive during the summer months. Also learn about community resources and activities that keep reading and math skills sharp over summer vacation. Summer Resources.

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