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News from Wally!

  • There is a new contest: A Funny Short Story contest. The winner gets a free coupon to Molly Moons.
  • It is the first Miss Know It All in Wally.
  • There are 4 new editors! 2 new layout and 2 new editor in chiefs.
  • It is the first time for a class to write all the articles for Wally. The class is Miss Hudson's 3rd grade class.
  • Lastly, in this issue we had our first Spanish article. Anyone can write an article for Wally in any other language.

-The Wally Staff

How to write an article for Wally!

We welcome kids in any grade to write an article for Wally. Here is all you need to do:
  1. Decide which section you want to write for: Sports (professional or kid), School News (about JSIS), Reviews (book, movie, video game), Pop (things in popular culture), DIY (teach someone how to do something, EPIK (extraordinary projects involving kids), Contest, or Comics (it can be fiction or nonfiction). The work has to be by kids, but you can work with a friend and co-write.
  2. Add a title and author (just first name, last initial, and grade, please).
  3. Add in any illustrations or photos.
  4. Type the article and email it to: SavyRae@oxcarting.com
  5. If it is a comic, please do it in super neat handwriting and in black ink so it will copy OK, then drop it in the Wally mailbox in the office.
  6. Keep a copy for yourself just in case!

Tips and Reminders:
  • From now on email all articles to alwittma@gmail.com
  • Comics NEED to be in black ink, neat handwriting and in the Wally mailbox.
  • If your child submits something at the end of the school year we will hold it for the first issue next year. So don't panic :)

The sections your child can write for are:
  • Pop
  • Sports
  • Comics
  • Reviews
  • School News
  • EPIK (Extraordinary Projects Involving Kids)
  • Contest (EPIK Summer, Food Sculpture)
  • DIY (Do It Yourself)

Thank you for encouraging your kids to write for Wally!
-The Wally Staff

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