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    The PTA nominating committee is looking for individuals to fill the following  board positions. If you have questions or interest in volunteering next year please contact one of the nominating committee volunteers:
    Heidi Wrightsman:
    Daniella Spreaker:
    Maggie Williams:

    Executive Board:

    Co President - Works hand in hand with the other Co President. Manages meetings, communication, and shares other PTA tasks with the board. Answers emails, communicates with principal and meets with principal once a month, oversees committee positions making sure they are running smoothly. Approx 5 hours a week, 10-15 at the busiest.

    Secretary - Takes notes at board and general meetings. 1-5 hours a month.

    Treasurer - Manages budget, writes checks, manages money in and out, works with annual fund. 5-10 hours a week.

    Treasurer Assistant - Works hand in hand with the treasurer assisting where needed. 5 hours a week.

    Committee Chairs:

    Dual Language Advocate - attends task force meetings and stays up with the community news about dual language in schools. 0-5 hours a week.

    Fundraising Chair - Makes sure our fundraisers have chairs and are supported by volunteers. If needed, creatively comes up with new fundraisers. 0-10 hours a week.

    Community Development Chair - Manages our community building events, making sure they have proper volunteer power and also comes up wth new ways to build our JSIS community. 0-10 hours a week.