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    Global Reading Challenge

    Each year, JSIS 4th and 5th volunteer to participate in a city-wide battle of the books sponsored by the Seattle Public Library called the Global Reading Challenge.  84 students volunteered to take on this extra reading challenge this year.  Since October, students have worked in teams to read and discuss the ten GRC titles.  The teams are mixed grade levels with students from both Japanese and Spanish classes.  In addition to reading diverse books, the GRC allows students to meet and get to know others outside of their assigned classrooms.  Congratulations to the following students:


    Reading Narwhales:  Ariadna, Teya, Neto, Isabel Z., Sasha, Suriya, Dorian

    The Page Flippers:  Svea, Mireya, Arya, Simone, Maya, Keshav, Will

    The Reigning Stars:  Stella, Maya J., Tristan, Imani, Nico, Guy, Karina

    The Exploding Ninja Hamsters:  Caitlyn W., Juliet, Evy, Diego, Alex, Ylana, Hannah U.

    VIR (Very Important Readers):  Forrest, Claire S., Elijah, Shae, Zella, Akio, Sam W.

    The Book Worms:  Ana Elisa, Marcus, Kana, Maddy, Tilda, Matteus, Taiju

    The Aqua Marines:  Zach, Coby, Glafira, Fiona, Katleya, Sam D., Orin

    Diabolical Pickles:  Jaspar, Henrik, Maggy, Charlotte L., Noah, Olaf, Mira

    The Reading Bananas:  Josie, Ivy, Carter, Charlotte K., Wes, Joquim, Elise

    The Shrimp:  Henry, Kouske, Ava, Elanor, Adelaide, Elliott, Kaito

    The Booknados:  Addisen, Teagan, Jack, Nick, Spencer, London, Cora

    The Ninja Penguins:  Mara, Claire E., Tyler, Ash, Peter, Laurel, Mikah



    On February 15th from 1:00-2:15 pm, the in-school GRC is scheduled in the JSIS cafeteria.  All 12 teams will work together to answer questions from the GRC books.  Parents are welcome to attend this fun event.  One team will advance to the city semi-finals in March.  Learn more about the GRC or check out this year’s 10 diverse chapter book titles:


    SPS Online Resources  

    Seattle Public Schools provides free online resources to students.  To access from home, go to SPS website or click on the following link.  To access students can use the following generic login information:

    username:  studentsps

    password:  access


    World Book combines technology with traditional editorial excellence to produce trustworthy and unbiased information. The content is carefully curated and meticulously written to be easily understood. World Book publications help to build fluency and increase comprehension. Illustrated with attention-grabbing photos, useful diagrams and maps, the books are designed to engage even the most reluctant reader. This collection of resources kindles a lifelong learning habit for every reader.

    Pebble Go is an emergent reader encyclopedia tailored for K-2nd graders who want to learn about animals, science, biographies and social studies.  Pebble Go provides an audio option (in a friendly human voice) so beginning readers can read along as the information is read aloud.






    During the African dance residency with Sister Sumayya students in library learned about the continent of Africa.  Students learned fun facts about Africa in addition to learning many African folktales.  Students love the Anansi (Spider) stories – especially when Anansi tricks the Sky God. 

    2nd – 5th grade students practiced their geography skills by finding the location of Africa’s 54 countries.  Sheppard software offers free educational games that students can access from home.  I like the “World Geography” games best.  Students completed level 1 of the African countries geography game.  There are nine geography levels so your child can continue to practice his/her geography skills.


    Office 365 and Typing Agent Home Login

    SPS students in 3rd-5th grade can access Office 365 at school and at home.  In the Fall, students were given their SPS username and password (their date of birth, unless they changed their password).  If students can’t remember their login info, please contact your homeroom teacher or Ms. Kathleen.

    At home:

    1. Open your browser to the Seattle School District website at:
    2. Select the Student Portal menu. Click Student Portal a second time.
    3. Enter your username and password. You shouldn’t need to enter this at school if you signed in to your computer.
    4. Click Log in with Active Directory if prompted.
    5. From the list of resources click Office 365.  Office 365 will open. To see a list of files that you worked on at school, select One Drive.
    6. To open a file from OneDrive, select Edit Document and then Edit In Browser. Now you can continue working on your document. Your work will automatically save as you work in the on-line version of Microsoft Word.


    As always, happy reading!

    ~ Ms. Kathleen